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If you’ve read my last two week’s ‘Open Mind’ posts you might be of the impression that I’m giving mediumship up. Well, I’m not. In fact, far from it, I’m more active than ever.  As I’ve written in the past, becoming a medium is a by-product of being a Spiritualist. Ok, so I had been having issues with the Spirit World on a one-to-one basis and I’d chosen to have a serious ‘chat’ with my Spirit Team, after all, it’s a relationship and like all relationships, it needs constant working on.

I recognise now that the recent stand-off I had with the Spirit world was needed. Not because they needed to be told, but more so because I needed time to take stock. Time to consider where I was going wrong, or what I needed to do to help overcome the hurdles I was facing with my mediumship. To bolster my ego I’d like to think that my Spirit team heard my demands and reacted. But the truth is more likely to be that I recognised that there were things I was doing that were not correct too.

Some of these things were practical, such as not taking time to sit in the power as often as I had been, or focusing too much on presentation rather than content. Other things that were wrong were associated with me letting go of the very foundations that I’d built my Spiritualism on.

I realise that recently I have forgotten my roots, what it was I built my spiritual journey based on. I had not found the time to work on me, my spirit, my nurturing, my growth, my inner purpose. When these are in order, you understand, the relationship with the Spirit world will be stronger.

All too often lately I had concentrated on the ‘entertainment’ of giving messages without thought or consideration of the connection. I’d been the one experimenting with different techniques and methods of practice. Basically, my direction had gone a few degrees off course.

So now it’s time for me to adjust the course, to go back to basics and to do the things I used to do to achieve the results in my mediumship I had been used to. Good news, it’s not going to be hard. It simply means putting a few habits, a few disciplines back in place and moving the focus slightly from the actual message to the actual connection.

Had the Spirit team heard my ranting at them? Possibly yes, probably no. But let me share with you a couple of recent incidents that have happened.

Over the past few days, prior to writing this post, I’ve experienced several attempts from Spirit to get my attention. No, not as in a voice saying, ‘Hello Trev, can you hear us’ as I would like. But in their subtle way, by placing things in my path of general life and also by indirect messages.

Recently I attended my annual diabetic clinic and was shocked to find that my diabetes was out of control. My blood glucose HBA1c levels were 17, 11 points higher than the previous check. Why? Because I hadn’t paid attention to what I’d been eating, and too busy working to be bothered to exercise. So I left the clinic aware that I had to get on top of this issue immediately. This also accounted for my grumpy moods, though of course, I am just a man of that age! Anyway, before I fell asleep that night after the clinic, I prayed to my healing guide ‘Saki’ to help. He must have been shocked to hear from me!

The following day I was driving along the M6 Toll southward when I decided to test my blood before I took something from my food supply and have a snack. I was starving! The glucose level from the reading was 12, which was higher than I wanted. I started to worry about it and decided to give food a miss at that time. Minutes later a van passed me. When I read the signwriting on the van I was shocked. There across the back of the van in big bold letters was “SAKI” and alongside it the word ‘snacks’.

I’ve been driving up and down this country on a daily basis for many years now and have never heard of a business called Saki, yet here it was, just when I was starting to worry about eating. One word response ‘snacks’ which is the best way of controlling diabetes – little and often. The Spirit team know how I always ask for a validation and the word ‘snack’ established that. As clear and as obvious as it could possibly be was a message from my guide ‘Saki’ without a shadow of a doubt – I mean what are the chances of that coincidence.

Screenshot taken from Dashcam

A few days after that, I went to a church demonstration where the respected medium chose a couple of ladies nearby to give a message to. The ladies listened and responded to the medium’s messages occasionally saying yes, but more often saying no. It appeared the message was not for them, however, he persisted with them and a few things fitted for the ladies.  However, I was convinced that this message was from my mother and was meant for me. So much of how he described this lady matched my late mum bang on. I was absolutely sure the messages were meant for me, but I did not want to interrupt or divert the energy from the medium and the ladies.

In my mind, I asked my mum to send a validation that this was her. Shortly after, the medium wrapped the message up and said to the ladies, ”  She’s talking about her white westie and also she just wants you to be aware of your diabetes as she knows you’re having issues with it at the moment. BOOM there was the validation. Mum had a white Scottie called Robbie ‘get dine niy’. And the reference to diabetes was all I needed to hear.

Oh, my giddy ant, how much clearer could it be that those in the spirit world were still there for me, watching, communicating. They had responded to my original request to try harder and work closely with me. They were there – now it was my turn to work on myself.

So I’m working on getting back on track and becoming a better me. I’m working on being more in touch with my inner self and listening to my body and soul. First I have to repair the damage, both physically and spiritually speaking.

A few days after, a medium friend posted the following statement on her FB page. When I read it, I thought she was having a personal pop at me! Of course, she wasn’t. When I was growing up, one of my Dad’s sayings used to be, ‘The Truth Often Hurts’. Here was evidence of exactly that being the case.

When we embark on our journey of spiritual understanding we become seekers of the truth. The seed of truth can only grow when the heart and mind are open and the soul is receptive. We must endure some difficult and challenging experiences during our lifetime before the truth is ready to show itself to us. The soul grows through adversity and as we emerge stronger and wiser through these challenging experiences does our light become strong and infallible. We should always approach the truth with humility and reverence for these are qualities to be treasured. It is only then that we are able to achieve a real knowledge and a depth of wisdom – a priceless gift that will allow us to plant the seed of truth into the soul of others.

Accredited Spiritualist Medium Maire Davies CNSU(d)  CSNU(s)

What’s this got to do with mediumship? Everything!   So I’m working on a better me. I’m going back to what I know works for me and spending time doing the things that I used to do before I lost my focus. ♥

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