Around April 2018 I discussed a vision I have had for some years with my good medium friend Karen Berrey. Karen and me had done a few nights mediumship together and she had got to know me, my style and my determination for high standards in Spiritualism and mediumship in particular. Karen herself is one of the best mediums in the area – arguably the best some would say. I have got to know her personally and we work quite well as a team – although our styles are complete polar opposites!

In the journeys to and from the venues Karen and I talked about what it was I wanted to do. I shared with her the details of how I wanted to run groups similar to those I had been a member of when living south – but better still. The groups were different than ordinary circles and my plans were to develop some and run them from my sanctuary at home. I explained to Karen the expectations and though she thought it might be somewhat difficult with northerners, she fully supported the idea and pushed me to go ahead and do it.

And so over the coming weeks, I planned how the structure of the groups would work. I worked on formulas for each evening and how I could work with students of different levels of psychic experience. I created promotional material and set a plan of action to recruit only the best I could find. There in lay the next challenge. My attitude about Facebook was that if I didn’t know someone well enough to call them a friend, then they weren’t on my friends list. Over the years I have deleted hundreds of people from my friends list. I believed (and still do) that Facebook is a good social community but what’s the point of thousands of friends, if they’re not actually friends. So my problem in promoting my group idea was, with so few FB friends how would the word get around?

Again I had Karen to thank for solving that problem. She has hundreds, if not thousands of people in her FB friends list and she, without me asking her, shared all of my FB promotions for the new groups. Karen was wanting this group idea to succeed.

Although I know that the posts promoting the forthcoming formation of groups was reaching hundreds of people, only a tiny few people responded. This was my first of many setbacks. I thought long and hard about the plan and quite a few times came extremely close to giving up on the whole project. However, with Karen’s motivation I didn’t. I kept promoting every few days. Still, nobody appeared interested.

I took a long and hard look in detail at my plan and considered being a little more flexible with some of the conditions. However, I realised that if I did, the whole concept would not work. So I stuck at the original plan, detail for detail, and just hoped that Spirit would help this project get off the ground.

One challenge was that I was unknown in the area, no track record and few people knew me. Surprisingly, the northern folks have quite a tight community and I’d learnt that they had to like you before they would welcome you into their homes. I’d noticed that during any of my medium demonstrations with Karen, the mention of me being from the south was akin to me admitting I had leprosy.

There were several other hurdles that anyone interested in joining the group would have to overcome. First, this was a closed group, meaning that it would only be same students attending weekly. Nobody new would be allowed to join. Then there was the issue of commitment. I wanted the students to commit a particular evening every week to the group without fail. Regular attendance was an essential ingredient. This was probably the biggest challenge for most people that did enquire and was the biggest reason so few made it through.

I was looking for particular qualities in the students. It was not their level of knowledge that was important. It was their enthusiasm to learn and to commit long term to a group. Each potential student would receive an information pack upon inquiring explaining in detail what a Closed Psychic & Spiritual Development & Unfoldment group actually meant and highlighted within it what would be expected of them.

Over the years I’ve learnt many ways to unveil a person’s weaknesses and strengths, how to spot signs of personality that might flag a future issue or a strength that shines through. So in the weeks after the promoting of the groups I had a few potential students already showing some interest. The next stage of my plan was to make sure they were right for the groups by meeting them in person for a chat. One by one each were invited to come and spend an hour in the sanctuary so I could get to know them. This hurdle is where a few fell by the side. A few said they would come along –  and didn’t. So that was a good filter. They had rejected themselves as far as I was concerned.

One turned up for their appointment very late, with no messages informing me of their late arrival. Suffice to say – they too did not get a place. One or two potential group members said they would get back to me after they received their information and didn’t. Again, in my view, they filtered themselves out at that early stage. These people went from being connected to me on Facebook to being removed shortly after.

A couple made it to the interview stage and failed to make it into the group for a selection of reasons. Commitment being the main one. Some people, it would appear, received their introductory information and thought that I was going to chase them – I don’t do that. You want to join my groups, you contact me. Yes that sounds harsh, but it was an essential personality ploy to filter those that really want to benefit from such a group from those that were not sure or committed.

The original plan was to have up to twelve students in each group. Unfortunately, due to my high expectations of the potential group members, a much smaller number had to be settled on.

Eventually, I found enough candidates to start the first group and between them, they voted in which night they wanted. I now had a mixture of members with different levels of experience but all with an enthusiasm and commitment that qualified them for the group. A start date was set and all the rules and format were ready and in place. The sanctuary was prepared and I invested some money in materials required for the success of the group.

The first group was up and running. Everyone got on with each other and all the students loved the format. I wrote and planned each session days in advance so that the work involved something for each person, depending on their level of growth. Each person was integral to the group, exactly as I planned. However, the numbers were lower than anticipated and this placed even more importance on each member attending regular.

All run well for a few weeks until I lost the first student due to a move from the area. In fairness, I had known about it when I set the group up. I had wanted him to become a member because he was the only working medium that had the humility to join a group about learning and developing – a quality I strongly admired. Anyway, he left and I planned group meeting without him.

A few weeks later I was hit with another major issue. One of the key students decided that the regular commitment just wasn’t for them at this time. My numbers were now dangerously low. Any more let-downs and the group simply could not continue. So I invited the remaining members to an extraordinary meeting where I discussed the options.

What happened then, completely surprised me. They gave me their 100% commitment and insisted that this group 1 must continue. Each were happy with their progresses and told me how they loved looking forward to the weekly sessions. I felt pride from that. I also felt a deep sense of duty. I had never started this group project for money, I don’t need any. In fact I would have done it for nothing. No, I started the groups with the intent of raising the standards of mediumship by showing the better ways of working and becoming true ambassadors for the spirit world.

I had a small number of students left, but possibly the finest individuals anyone could wish to meet. Each of them work very hard and contribute 100% every week. They have become important to me and soon, I started to feel like a parent, always aware that whatever I taught them had to be absolutely correct and best for their long term growth.

I had one other person that had shown me extreme loyalty and had been for an interview but simply couldn’t make the chosen night for group 1. She is still part of the group on Facebook and is as important to me as the actual working group members. At the time of writing this, I’m trying very hard to get the second group in place for her and the future students.

Finding the right candidates is an extremely hard, and sometimes frustrating task. People’s attitudes are different these days and the good old fashioned courtesy is in limited supply. But I will persist and will get the second group up and running at some point.

For me, the most frustrating thing about this entire process has been the lack of response from other mediums and spiritualists. Apart from my good friend Karen, none have shared my information, none have wanted to join, none have shown any interest whatsoever. That, for me, is so very sad. I have been learning, developing and unfolding for nearly two decades. I spend every day of my life learning more and more. I have spent thousands on books, on attending Arthur Findlay College, workshops and seminars throughout the country. I have met the finest mediums in the country, have spoken to the best in the world and am proud to have been taught by some of the greatest mediums alive today. I have not arrived, nor ever will do. So it saddens me to find that fellow mediums don’t have the same care about their own unfoldment. Many appear to act as if they have arrived and know it all already. Their egos are their worst enemy.

When I first moved north, I remember talking to an alleged good medium who lived nearby. I was shocked at how ‘up his own rear end’ he was and how he appeared to want to distance himself from me. He was arrogant, and borderline rude. So I obliged him and removed him from my contacts!

Back to the groups. So if I can find a few good students that want to learn, to develop and to unfold to a higher standard then I am happy. In the future, these students will lead the way with the right moral compass and an attitude that will make all the difference in the world of communicating with spirit. Is this about me? Nope, it’s about the students. It’s about higher standards. It’s about sharing my knowledge and experience with those that truly want to move forward. It’s about exploring and bonding the link between us and those in the spirit world working with us. It’s about love. It’s about evidence. It’s about the truth.

Do you have what it takes to become a better spiritual person?
Have you always been interested in exploring your own psychic potential?
Would you like to learn and develop in the company of a few other like-minded people?
Are you already working with spirit and want to develop further?
Perhaps you like the idea of reading Tarot, or working with other psychic tools.
Are you humble, enthusiastic and can give a regular weekly commitment to your journey?

How many yeses? Contact me for more information. What have you got to lose, but an opportunity to join one of the most exciting groups in the area. The current students will vouch for that!



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