The Blackbird from Aunty

During a long journey recently I heard a nice story on BBC Radio 4. It was a true story read by the listener that wrote it. She had gone into her garden with a cup of tea and took a rest on a seat. A blackbird hopped towards her with a caution yet seeming to be trying to get her attention.

She said ‘hello’ to the bird which then hopped right up to her. She broke the biscuit she had brought with her into little bits and offered some to the bird. The bird moved right up to her and took some of the offerings.

She continued to feed the bird with great delight and was so surprised at its friendliness. Then the blackbird jumped onto her hand and continued to feed. The lady suddenly starting having thoughts about her Aunty who had passed away that year. When she was alive, she used to feed the birds in her garden.

The lady told us how she believed that at that moment there in the garden, the blackbird was the Spirit of her Aunty come back to say hello. She said, ” I could hear her voice in my head – happy, smiling and enjoying the garden with me”.

I smiled as I listened to the story end and wished for a moment I could tell the lady that it was quite likely her Aunty from the other side just sending a signal that she was there and happy.

So many people all over the world will recall times when something in nature or some simple little occurrence will suddenly bring the memories of someone in Spirit flooding back into their mind. It’s happened to me many times – though being a medium I am more aware of things around me than the average person.

But as a person that approaches the subject of mediumship and Spiritualism with a scientific bias, why would I believe in such ‘coincidences’? Well, there are some aspects of the two worlds that I don’t and probably never will understand, no matter what scientific evidence I seek out. We will never fully understand the processes that are available to those in the Spirit world whilst we are living this side.

I have sat in seances and experienced things that I cannot get my head around. But what I know is there is a lot more to the energies and the mysteries than I will ever be able to make sense of. So on that basis, I leave room in my mind and thinking for possibilities to be potentials.

Based on my knowledge and understandings I firmly believe that those in the Spirit world have many ways to get a simple message to use – be it through a medium or through a memory thought. Lets not forget that the main tool that the Spirit world use to communicate with us via a channel or medium is the mind. The mind is where the information, the message, the memory is placed. I also have a belief that when we ‘think’ of our loved ones in the spirit world, they are aware of it, or made aware of it. I believe that when we look at a photo of someone that has passed over, they somehow know. That thought we have about them is available to the spirit world and as they are always close to us, they become aware of our thoughts.

Scientifically, everything in that last paragraph is very hard to prove. But it is also impossible to disprove. The random feather, the oddly friendly bird, the lost item suddenly rediscovered, the fluke luck that stopped a major injury, all things that the Spirit world could easily have influenced or been involved with in some unknown way.

The key difference as to whether the messages are received lies with the persons receiving it. Do they believe? Are they actually aware? Or do they dismiss such events as mere coincidence?

Many coincidences are just that. But being a medium and being always alert and attuned to my senses I note such events in my life and credit them to the Spirit world rather than just dismiss them. I believe that if we just keep dismissing the subtle messages sent from the Spirit world we are effectively rejecting their call. By rejecting it we are not allowing that potential line of communication to flourish and strengthen. Whereas if we accept the subtle message, we are telling those in the other world that we acknowledge their efforts and are open to more. If the feather in the kitchen has nothing to do with the Spirit world then at least they know that I will note it and acknowledge it. They then know that is a method they could use to get a message to me.

I would suggest that we all pay more attention to the subtle signs, the random thoughts, the weird coincidences and the synchronising events. Open your mind, accept that you do not know everything (unlike Jon Snow!!) and that even if there was a possibility of it all being true, you are ready for it.

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