The Folded Message

Ken was a loved father by his family, friend to me and a proud Wiganer. He was actually like a second Father to me. A couple of years before he passed to the spirit world I recall a brief conversation he had with me when I was alone with him in his living room. He knew I was a medium, but it was not a subject ever brought into any conversation. Ken was a church-going traditional Christian, though he never talked of God as such.

The brief conversation I had about life after death consisted of Ken asking one question and me giving one answer.

” You believe there is some sort of life after death? ” Ken’s asked.

“Oh yes. There is no doubting it. I’ve been given enough proof over the years”, was my answer. That was the end of that conversation! But it made me wonder what was going on in Ken’s thinking at that time. He was a private man and would not have embraced a full conversation on the subject with anybody, let alone me. So this quick and concise question was a hint to me that he was thinking beyond his own passing. At the time I felt he got some sort of comfort from the absoluteness of my answer, though in fairness he never reacted so.

Ken passed to the Spirit world in September 2017. His family still sorely miss him and the grieving has not stopped. I miss him too. My partner Jane remembers and fondly talks about her Dad pretty much every day. We have had conversations in private about how, if Ken came through to me, the information would have to be so precise because of what I know about him. Personally, I felt it was very unlikely I would get a communication from him as, like most mediums, I tend to avoid family for messages. That said, Ken’s sister had already communicated through me and through another medium on a previous occasion and had communicated startlingly accurate and indisputable information.

One night in February 2018, I was sat on the bed and giving healing to Jane for her arthritis. Jane knows that often during healing I can receive information from the Spirit world. She asked me to see if her Dad was around. At the end of the healing session Jane was nearly asleep and had forgotten her request. I asked her if she was still awake. I got a vague mumble reply.

I told her that I thought I had connected with Ken who had told me he was doing fine and had been visiting all his mates he’d not seen for years. He seemed content. I knew that his sister was looking after him. Jane knew there was nothing in that message to confirm a connection had been made. I told Jane that I’d asked Ken if he had a message I could pass on and suggested it be something I could not have been aware of.

Ken told me to ask them to read the folded piece of paper that was still in his wallet. Nothing more was said. So I relayed that to sleepy Jane who dismissed it immediately. She said that she and mother had already cleared his wallet and there definitely was no folded note in it.

That was the end of it. Jane kept the incident to herself as sharing it with mother might have upset her grieving process. Sometimes it is better to say nothing than offer hollow thoughts.

The story continues in April 2018 when mother visited our home for a Sunday Easter lunch. The table had an empty chair around it. It was Ken’s seat. His absence is still raw to us all. The conversation between Jane and Mum got around to Ken’s war days as Jane was trying to do some genealogy involving his service time. Jane declared that the problem she had was that although Ken was able to recite his service number from memory, he had never made note of it on paper and there was no documentation to search to find it.

When Jane’s mum returned home later, she decided to take a look through some of Ken’s old stuff that she still had, in the hope of finding his service number. This sort of activity is a natural part of grieving and helps connect the living person with the lost person.

Meanwhile back at our house, I had gone for a walk after lunch and then returned home to go into my sanctuary for a meditation alone. Some time later, I returned back indoors and with a sense of keenness, Jane asked me enthusiastically how it had gone. I reported that nothing had really happened, just a meditation. She was showing excitement in her body language and immediately wanted to tell me something.

” You know that we were talking about Dad at lunch and how we didn’t have his service number? Well, Mum went home and started looking through his stuff. She got his old wallet out and although we had already emptied it, she decided to have another look inside of it anyway. Well, you’ll never guess what she found inside?”

I tried to stay interested but was becoming bored rapidly! And Columbo was on the telly!

“Do you remember earlier this year when you told me that Dad had told you to look inside his wallet?” Jane continued. “Mother found a piece of paper folded up inside it.”

Wow. I was somewhat impressed. Ken had probably sent a message through me, even though for some reason, I didn’t really believe it. I had been having a dark period with my mediumship this year and my confidence was at an all-time low. So although this didn’t really qualify as a ‘gold nugget’ it was close, I thought.

“There’s more”, Jane continued. ” The piece of paper was a poem that Ken had obviously copied from somewhere. Mother says it’s very fragile and has probably been in there for years. I don’t understand how we missed it when we went through the wallet.”

Jane recited the poem to me. The message from the poem was so emotional my eyes filled with tears and Jane and I instantly cuddled each other to cry. Here is a photo of that actual piece of paper.


For me as a medium, this was a ‘gold nugget’ of information without any doubts whatsoever. So many aspects of this message were amazing. Ken had obviously had beliefs of the other side for many years, well before I got to know him. He had been motivated to write out a poem he had obviously read somewhere and thought it to be very meaningful. Little was he to know at the time of writing it that many years later it would serve as the most powerful message to his very own family.

Even more powerful is the way that he communicated a message to his family on earth and used the words of the poem to send healing at a time when they all needed it.

In the past, I have heard from my own relatives in the Spirit world and have always known that there would be some in the family that would doubt it. I’ve often doubted the messages myself quite naturally. Mediums do not like doing messages from their own family because the burden of proof is so weak with personal knowledge always in question.

Here, Ken had communicated with me. He had made himself known from the Spirit world just a few months after entering. His message was the most powerful it could have been.

Jane had never told her mum of my message at the time of it happening for fear of it upsetting. So when Jane revealed to her that I had actually been told of that piece of power several months earlier, it added another wonderful layer to the message.


Since that event, I’ve had further contact with Ken. After a meditation in the Sanctuary a few days prior to me writing this post, Ken showed himself to me in the Spirit world. He was smartly dressed in a white shirt, tie and jacket on. He was happy. He told me that Aunt Kath (his sister) had him working with her for a short while. Knowing as we do what role it is that Aunt Kath has in the spirit world, taking care of younger spirits as they pass over, this seems a very fitting role for a retired headmaster of a special needs school. Thank you for sharing, Ken.  ♥


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