The location was a local Spiritual centre and I was there with my medium friend, we'll call KB, sharing the evening's demonstration.

It was a nice gathering of people and both of us were connecting well to Spirit with lots of good information. I had done a short session of readings and was sat down while staying in the power ready for my next session shortly.

KB was up demonstrating with her readings. She had done a few over her half of the audience. Normally I'm unaware of what she is saying as I'm not really paying attention.  After a few short readings, she wandered over the platform to where I was and stood right in front of me. Meanwhile, I was having a conversation in my mind with a young man in the Spirit world. He was giving me a vivid description of himself with a lot of detail. It was like having a proper conversation. I was listening to my mind and told him I would introduce him in a few minutes. I felt that this message was for someone near this side of the room.

Stood blocking my view of the audience, KB announced that she had a young man with her in Spirit and proceeded to relay the information she was getting. She had already chosen who this message was for, a lady three rows from the front.  My attention had been drawn back to KB when she started this reading from the moment she said she had a young man with her. As she gave more of the information, I started to realise that this might be the man that was waiting with me. And then she said the validating piece of information, " He's talking to me about his motorbike ..."

At that very moment I shivered and said aloud, " Oh my God". No, that is not the most professional thing to do, but I knew for sure she was talking to the same Spirit person as me.  I listened carefully at the amazing information she gave the lady from this young man, who happened to be her son. Everything was extremely accurate and the lady was moved to tears by the accuracy of KB's details. I was surprised that, apart from her mentioning the motorbike, which I'd known about, the other information was entirely different to any the young man had shared with me.

Shortly after that, KB sat down and handed the platform back to me. I think she knew I still had this young man with me. So I apologised to the audience and returned to the lady and explained that her son was still with me too and he wanted to mention a couple of things.  Again the depth of the evidence that the young man gave me was quite staggering, including his temperament, his charm, his muscular build and even the name of his best friend. He also went on to describe his Mother's fire surround as Stainless steel and the wall directly above it having a large plainly framed portrait photo of him in it - posing like a model. I made sure that when the lady said yes to each detail, she was confident it was accurate. Of course, there were more tears and I ended the reading naturally as time was up for the demonstration. Personally, I felt relieved because I knew that this young man had wanted to be heard that night.

As I sat back down, I realised that I had not given the lady one piece of vital information that her son had passed to me. He'd given me so much that I could hardly keep up with him. Anyway, the service was drawn to a close.

The lady came up to the front to thank KB and me for the reading. She said that it had brought great comfort to her and she now knew he was still living on. That is when I told her the piece of information I had forgot to mention during the live demonstration.

" Your son was telling me about his birthday being so near to Christmas that he always thought it unfair that he only had one lot of presents. He mentioned it in a very lighthearted manner."

The lady had tears still, probably from KB and my earlier readings. She said, "That is truly astonishing - yes, his birthday was Christmas eve and he always moaned about only get one lot of gifts!"

Now by my standards, that is a gold nugget of information and at least the fourth that we had been able to pass to the lady.

It taught me a lesson. When the person in Spirit has a true desire to come through and connects with the medium, or mediums in this case, the quality of the information proves beyond doubt that they are alive and well.