Sitting In The Power

In the task of getting myself back on track with my mediumship, I find myself revisiting the important lessons I’ve learnt over the years. My intention is to rebuild my confidence by going back to basics. There is one crucial element that has been present throughout my apprenticeship. All of my favourite teachers, circle leaders and mediums I respected had one common denominator. They all spent time working ‘in the power‘.

To anyone outside of mediumship the phrase ‘in the power‘ must sound like some supernatural trickery, some black magic ritual involving concoctions and spooky things. If only!  It’s actually nothing as exciting as that. In this post I will attempt to explain what working ‘in the power‘ involves for me. Principally it’s the same for most mediums who practise this, though there may be variations from person to person. But first, a recap of the basics to help the explanation.

A human is made up of a body, spirit and soul. Our body is where our awareness and generally our day-to-day actions exist. It’s where we ‘live’ our days. Think of our conscious mind as the driver of the body. Making all the decisions, controlling all our actions.  The body is the container, the vehicle if you like.

Our spirit is akin to the mojo, the driving force, the invisible reflection of our outward life. It has a personality and a purpose. Some gurus consider the spirit as akin to the petrol in the vehicle, but in the sense of being the power that drives it. Often it is said that a body without a spirit is dead for all intent and purpose. Personally, I rather believe that in order for the body to exist it simply has to have a spirit. However, I have witnessed a few natural passings where I watched the spirit leave the body and for a few brief moments, the body continued to mechanically operate. The spirit resides, not just in our body, but in the spirit world as well. It’s a spirit after all. The difference being it is attached to our earthly body.

To continue this analogy, the soul is the navigation system.  Many religions believe that the soul has a predetermined purpose in life on earth. Some believers suggest that the soul chooses the family to serve the purpose of the life on earth. It is considered that the soul is part of the divine all and in order to advance, must learn lessons on earth through living. I’m not so sure I believe that purely because I’ve seen no evidence.  Attempting to define a soul in a few sentences is not really possible as the understanding varies from one culture to another. Some religions believe that the spirit and the soul are as one and this does offer a more satisfying explanation, though it probably is not the case. My personal belief is that our soul is like the overseer, the long-term planner, the absolute connection to Divine.

Enough of the analogies! Back to earth where we spend our daily life. We live here in the physical world carrying out physical tasks of travel, work leisure and so on. We eat and feed our body to give it the energy. We exercise (sometimes!) to keep our body fit and healthy. Most of the time we think of nothing else but carrying out the natural journey of living and enjoying life itself. Our focus is on earthly matters such as girls, boys, social connections, home building, earning a living, holidays etc.

Meanwhile, our spirit tags along. It works hard to shape our personality and our direction in life. While our spirit appears to live within our body, it is also connected to the spirit world. It always has been and always will be. As I write this, I’m occasionally stopping to think. In front of me is a window and outside it is raining. I am watching individual drops of rain run down the glass. Yet each of them is from the same source and each will return there in one way or another. Our spirits are like that. The spirit will return to its source and is forever connected to it.

To know thy spirit is to know thyself.
Knowing thyself is to know thy purpose.

Making that connection stronger with our own spirit is the key to better connections with the spirit world. The only way I’ve come to appreciate a better connection is to spend time working on and exploring the bond. Practising the art of ‘sitting in the power’ is a way to strengthen that unity between body and spirit. Of course, it requires discipline and commitment.  I find the time to go to my Sanctuary, place my favourite unobtrusive track on the music player and sit in my chair with the light out.

Sitting comfortably,  I stay alert and start by bringing my attention deliberately to my breath. I don’t try to change it. I simply acknowledge it. Focussing on a mantra, phrase, object or simply your own breath is the best way to begin. It’s meditation – the art of focussing on a single subject without noise or distraction from other thoughts or outside events. Another way I often do it is to see myself going down a staircase. I count the stairs and just keep going downward. At some unknown point I know to stop and often to explore where I am.

On other occasions, I will work on staying focused and will often draw my attention to my natural centre – somewhere in my stomach. There is where I imagine the heart of my spirit to be. I stay there as long as I can and let my mind rest on as little as possible. If the mind is distracted, I draw the thought back to the centre. I am aware of how my body feels. How my legs, arms, back and head are feeling. I note changes in temperature, feelings on the skin, sounds around me, smells and other sensations.

It is in this silence that I learn about myself. I experience my weaknesses, perhaps my impatience,  my mental clutter and my other distractions. Through practice, I learn to understand my inner self. I learn to create a discipline to listen, to feel, to experience and to sense beyond normality. I become attuned. The more I practice, the more I become attuned. Or in other words, the more sensitive I become.

By carrying out this practise regular I create a stronger bond between my outward focusing mind and body and my inner spirit. Inadvertently I heighten my senses so much that I am easily frightened by sudden noises. I become very sensitive, and therein lies the basis of good mediumship. I become susceptible to the slightest changes. I’m more able to sense other people’s moods. I am more aware of changes in human energy around me.  Unfortunately, the trade-off is that others can easily hurt me with careless words that can shatter my confidence and self-esteem so easily.

Those in the spirit world working with us use this sensitivity to communicate with us. It is through our subconscious mind that they work with us. It is with our very own spirit that the connection is made. Because we have become more sensitive through meditation and sitting in the power, their communications with us become more clear and easier to detect. Receiving clear messages is what every medium should be working for.

That is my version of sitting in the power and it can be for as long as an hour to as short as five or ten minutes. Sitting in the power is not for communicating with the spirit world. It is for laying the foundations to better communications. Sitting in the power lowers our natural vibration whereas for communication we would actually raise the vibration, which I do with a favourite uptempo track.

Now comes the debate! There are mediums, perhaps reading this, that will claim openly that they do not need to meditate, they do not sit in the power, they don’t have any rituals like that and they simply connect to the spirit world ad-hoc. My answer to them is simply,  “good for you“.

For these mediums, the need to sit in the power, to attune themselves is not necessary according to their way of working. They appear to be able to simply ‘switch’ themselves on and off just like that. Perhaps they were born with a slightly more advanced awareness. Perhaps they have not been subject to many of life’s natural lessons and curses. Perhaps they are just naturally attuned to their spirit and therefore the spirit world. I say perhaps because I don’t know the answer and I am not one of those fortunate enough to be able to work as a medium that way. Another possibility is that they simply connect to Spirit and unlike me don’t have reason to question it. They trust themselves more than me, and they trust their connection will be there. Sadly, I have to work on that aspect!

What I can say with a fair degree of certainty is that those mediums that don’t practise sitting in the power are often, in my experience, not as clear with their messages as they could be.

These mediums are often the ones that when giving a message will say, ” I want to give you January, the end of January . . .  ” and then don’t say why they want to. The reason for the month? Why is that important? Why January? Ask spirit – they suggested to you, there must be a reason. They don’t know why. They have not queried their connection. Their focus is in the room, looking at the recipient’s face for reaction rather than listening and connecting with their spirit for a better clarification. Often they are switching back to psychic reading (earthbound energy) and psychology such as the body language of the person they’re reading.

Here’s a bold statement. In all my experience of working with and being around mediums, I have yet to hear a truly ‘gold nugget’ of categorical proof of the continuation of life during their readings. Yes, they are able to connect and yes they offer some basic evidence, but rarely, if at all, are there what I term as ‘gold nuggets’ -indisputable evidence given from the Spirit world. Never. All the mediums I have worked with or watched work that have revealed evidence beyond doubt have practised or practise some form of sitting in the power – period.

Sitting in the power does not have to be a long-winded process. In fact, those that sit regularly are able to connect to that place in minutes and often seconds using their own established rituals. It might be a process of counting down steps or listening to one particular piece of music or repeating a phrase a few times. The likelihood is that they learned that ability through regular sitting in the power. They have an understanding and knowledge of what their connection with spirit feels like. For me, when I have a connection to spirit I feel excited. The hairs on my neck stand up. The spirit is working through me. What I say I know is right and I will argue it if I have to. Often, I can’t move on with a message because the spirit is shouting at me to reiterate, to stick to my guns and to stay with it. Once I’ve established that three-way connection between me, the spirit world and the recipient, the communication will flow with incredibly detailed information that usually leaves me staggered beyond belief at the end of it of it – and often completely wiped out!

So right now in my journey of spiritual unfoldment, in my desire to get beyond my current mental barriers, I’m going back to what I know is correct. Sitting in the power.  ♥


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