Time To Change

Often when I have too much time on my hands, I sit at my office desk and give a lot of thought to where I am with my life right now and where it is I’m going. Taking stock I believe the old phrase is. Recently I’ve had to do a lot of that. My diabetes has been out of control, my mediumship had been heading backwards and not forward, my job had been tiring me out, my energy levels had been low and my motivation had somewhat drained.

The ability to view one’s self with an honest eye is an important quality. Taking time to look at what it is you are doing and why helps you understand yourself better and highlights areas where change might be needed.

I’m self-employed and so the job I do is one of my choosing. But it’s demanding on time and concentration and the rewards haven’t matched the effort. I examined my accounts and introduced some ‘magnifiers’. These allowed me to study my business turnover in closer detail. This revealed that I have spent too long simply holding the business afloat. Time to change.

A recent visit to the diabetic clinic revealed that my blood glucose levels were as high as they were when I first found out I had diabetes some 15 years ago. This was a serious wake-up call. Bad eating habits and lack of exercise were taking their toll on me. Time to change.

My mediumship had become poor and my Spiritual Journey seemed to be halted. I had stopped doing the things I had done to get to a level I was satisfied with. I had stopped finding time to meditate, to read, to study. Time to change.

Because I am fortunate to have a caring partner who gives unconditional love, I had become complacent. I had stopped caring about myself and had become too comfortable just carrying on doing the things that were not in my best interest. Being tired all the time was not an excuse anymore. Time to change.

The time to change for all of us is when we are discontent with the results life is producing. The key, however, is to do the things that instil the change. First, we must become aware of the need to change and second we must be prepared to do the things that involve the change. The personal examples I listed above are all areas of concern that I can change.

“The height of insanity is to recognise the things that are wrong in your life, yet continue to do them.”

Before Christmas gone, I chose to stop smoking. Why? Because it was killing me. Giving up cigarettes is hard, but I had experience of giving up in the past and knew I could do it again. And I did. The motivation I got from going one day without, then two, then one week, then one month, then one hundred days inspired me to keep off the damn things.

It is that motivation that I carry forward to the other issues that need changing. To become a better me means I have to do the work with myself. I have to address the things that need addressing and change the things that need changing. This is the same for all of us.

Of course, there are things I would love to change that simply cannot be addressed as easily. I cannot change my noisy neighbours for example. I can’t change the weather. I accept there are certain aspects of my life that are what they are and as much as I might think I want to change them, I’m better off accepting them as part of the rich tapestry of life!

Unlike my partner, I am one of those oddballs that love motivational phrases that come under the heading of PMA (positive mental attitude). Over the years I have learned so many that I find help me. One such phrase is ” How you see the world is a direct reflection of yourself“. In other words, I may not be able to change everything in the world, but I can change myself. And the result of doing so will result in me seeing the world differently.

I believe that to change, we simply need a personal action plan. This plan must be doable. The more detail the plan has, the more likely it is to succeed. Then we must act on that plan. “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.” We must believe in ourselves and we must be our own inspiration and motivation. Nothing comes free, and if it does, that simply means it has no value.

It is my view that these life changes are all elements that I need to embrace in order to become a better person. I also believe that these changes will make me a better spiritual person. Being a better spiritual person will help me become a better medium.  That’s the plan. Perhaps the latter belief is stretching it a little, but who knows – it’s worth a shot!

So there you have it. Another post from the ‘Fisherman’s Club’ of mediumship. Personal responsibility. How about you? Are you doing the things you need to, to change the things you don’t like? Or are you happy discontent? Here’s some good news and some bad news –

The good news is that you are responsible for your life and where it takes you.

The bad news is that you are responsible for your life and where it takes you.

Which do you choose to accept? Your call.  ♥



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