In this post, we’re looking at the Top 5 questions that a medium is asked. The answers here are mine and may be entirely different to the answers from another medium.  Every medium has their own way of working based on their own experiences. These questions, therefore, often have more than one answer depending on the person you’re asking.

I’m quite tough with my views regarding some aspects of this work. Often I hear a lot of nonsense spoken by other mediums when the general public asks them questions regarding their work. Perhaps it’s an ego thing or perhaps they’re just delusional!  So my answers are based on my years of study and understanding. But they might not be the same answers another medium would give.


I’ve no evidence or experience of ghosts. I’ve never seen one and at this point of my learning, I don’t believe in them. So for me, ghosts are a myth. But I’m happy to change my mind if I’m shown the evidence. I would have to witness such a phenomenon first hand to be convinced.

I have seen spirits when I sat in two seances with Scott Milligan. In fact, I experienced events then that I will never forget. However, during my work as a medium, I do not see spirits subjectively.

The vast majority of mediums do not see spirits either, even though some will claim they do. Clairvoyance means clear seeing. Most mediums, including me, are not truly clairvoyant. It is possible to see a projection of a spirit in the mind, especially during a reading. But this is objectively and open to interpretation.

In a nutshell :  no


Over the years I’ve heard so many different things from different mediums about how they ‘close down’. I’ve come to the conclusion that most of these methods are simply colourful explanations given to the general public to heighten the mystic. I’ve heard such methods as opening and closing chakras. Believe that method and you’ll believe anything!

Mediumship involves a relationship between the medium and the spirit team. The spirit team know when the medium is working and when they’re not working. That is all there is to it. So in fact, the medium really doesn’t have to do anything. But that said, I do have a ritual.

When I’m in my sanctuary at home I have a small bell that I ring. It affirms that I am about to begin working. I then say the Lord’s Prayer.  When I’m out in the public, I tend to rub my hands together in front of me as I begin working. If it’s in a church then I know that the prayers have been said. If it’s a public venue then I will have said the Lord’s Prayer in my head before I commence work. Both of these rituals are really not required. I do them for my benefit to allow me to adjust my focus.

At the end of my work, I simply say thank you to my spirit team. That’s it.

I have heard tales of mediums who claim to have forgotten to ‘close down’ and then start seeing spirits coming up to them in the supermarket. Mmm questionable mental stability if you ask me!

In a nutshell :  Open with a prayer to focus and close with a thank you prayer.


We are all born equal. The path our life takes from the very first breath shapes who we are and what we become. Our personality, our potential and our achievements are determined only by us and those that have the greatest impression on us. Parents, relatives and friends have the biggest impact on a young child and often the parent’s beliefs will be instilled into a new life.

We are all born with the same ability to communicate with the spirit world. It has nothing to do with pedigree, bloodline or parents. Only their beliefs and attitudes towards the spirit matter.

The gift to communicate with spirit is often buried under the layers of life experiences that shape who we are and how we think. We may become complete non-believers because of the experiences our life has gone through. But deep under all this persona lies the original gifts we are born with.

I started to explore mediums and the potential to become one when I was 40 years old. Though I didn’t know it at the time, I was to have to go through many years of unfoldment. Peeling back the layers. Or another way of putting it – unlearning!

In a nutshell:  You could be the greatest medium this world has ever seen just waiting to be unfolded. You have the potential. Do you have the desire?


There is a whole debate here that could be had. It would involve understanding the linear timeline that we live on and understanding the spirit world don’t have or need one. However, for the sake of a shortish answer, I will keep it simple.

No, I don’t see the future as part of my mediumship. Neither do I believe the in the mediums that pass messages on stating, “watch out for . . . ” or ” you’re going to have blah blah blah . . . “.

A medium is not a fortune teller, nor should that be practised through mediumship. I read Tarot cards though and it is quite feasible to look into the near future through the cards. But even that outcome is based on the recipient continuing to do exactly what they are doing right now. If they change job, partner, home etc, that predicted future will change.

Most mediums are asked if they can get the next week’s lottery number. The answer is obviously no. We only learn about the future through our work if it is for the greater good and not for selfish gain.

In a nutshell:  Not through mediumship, but possible with limited extent through other methods.


After all, it is a gift from God, right?

I used to be of that belief until I realised the following three things that changed my mind.

1)  Nurses, Doctors, Policemen, Teachers, Firemen, Ambulancemen, Carers, and all people in jobs where they help other people are gifts from God too. We could not live without them and moreover, we depend on them for our life. Yet they get paid, and in my view, not enough. Everyone needs an income and the most common method is by exchanging a service. You give your time to something or someone and you receive a reward in return. That is how it is. A medium, tarot card reader, healer and psychic are no different.

2)  I have spent thousands of pounds over the years developing and unfolding to become a medium. I have been to the best college in the world for mediumship training, many times, and believe me that is an expensive outlay. I’ve been to hundreds of workshops, opens, fayres, theatre demonstrations and related events. I have bought books on the history of Spiritualism, life stories of other mediums, inspirational and material to offer insights and knowledge. I have a purpose converted building at home that includes its own kitchenette and lavatory. The main room has furniture, equipment and tools for teaching. It costs money to run it.

3)  Often in life, you’ll get nothing of value for nothing. Free advice, for example, is free and therefore to you has no value. You’ve given nothing up for it. It has cost you nothing. You value it accordingly. Whereas if you have a reading from me, or another medium, and have paid for it, you will automatically place a value on it.

In a nutshell:   I used to do free readings, and occasionally I still do. But usually, I charge a fee. I set my fee based on my time. You are paying for my time. But hey, think about it – how much is it really worth to hear from your loved one in the other world? Surely that is priceless? 

That’s it for this week. If you have a specific question you would like the answer to, send it in an email to thepsychicapprentice at gmail dot com.   ♥



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