What constitutes evidence?

This is one of the most contentious questions often asked when it comes to mediumship. What exactly is evidence when giving a reading?

I’ll give you my explanation and what I expect, but be warned, it changes from one medium to another, and often changes within the medium too.

To define evidence, first you have to understand where the evidence is coming from.

  • Has the medium a pure connection with the Spirit world?
  • Are they reading the energy of that person psychically?
  • Are they knowingly or unknowingly basing their information on events and incidences they know of the person they are reading?

In my opinion, more mediums than not are reading using the last two methods. The third could be considered as cold reading to a variable degree. So does that make it wrong?

All mediums at some point are likely to use the second and indeed the third method of giving evidence. I do. Hopefully the medium will recognise so and declare it in some form of statement during the reading, “ I know that you’ve not been well . . . ” or “I sense you’re not a believer . . .. ” as quick examples.

My first bullet point asks the question ‘has the medium a pure connection with the Spirit world? This is a difficult question to both understand and to answer. It suggests that only true evidence can come via this state of being. ┬áThe recipient is having a reading ( a phrase I dislike) in the hope of hearing something substantial from a loved one the other side. The medium will be hoping to be the channel for that. Connecting with Spirit is something that usually only the medium knows is happening, though often other mediums can tell from looking on. Connecting with Spirit is a whole subject in itself and not something I want to talk about here suffice to say that I believe the best evidence will only come if the medium is truly connected to the Spirit world.

A gathered audience will have high expectations of a medium. If it is a public demonstration by the medium, the audience will expect some pretty big evidence. But how do they know what is big? How do they know that some tiny detail that the medium passes on is so important to the recipient, yet so trivial to the crowd?

So the best way to overcome this from the medium’s point of view is to understand that the most important part of the evening is the connection between the medium and the Spirit world and the medium and the recipient. The audience are there as witnesses and have no idea what is and what isn’t evidence for someone else. If the medium is there to court the audience for their admiration, he or she is a medium for the wrong reasons.

What do I class as evidence?

Whenever I prepare to give a reading, privately or publicly, I pray beforehand and often meditate if I have the space and time. I take time to talk to my Spirit team and tell them what I am doing, what I want to achieve and what I ask of them. I ask that I be as pure and clear a vessel for the Spirit world as I possibly can be and I ask the Spirit team to help me make that happen. I then confirm that I always need good information as clear and concise as they can give it me. And I let them know that I have my self imposed conditions that may blur things, such as being nervous or self conscious and of course my own mind’s thoughts. I usually finish my preparation by asking the Spirit team to give me at least one ‘gold nugget‘.

My interpretation of a gold nugget is a piece of information from the Spirit world that is absolute proof, concrete evidence, indisputably from the loved one the other side to the recipient.

For me, I see the gold nuggets as the ‘meat of the reading’. I know that the recipient is going to know that their loved one has passed on a message to them that session. When they leave me, or that arena, they are thinking about it, analysing it and even questioning it. I know that if the gold nugget of information was clear and pure, they will have to accept that their loved one has made contact with them. I will give you such an example at the end of this article.

But evidence doesn’t always have to be the staggeringly accurate unknown that shakes the emotions of the recipient. It doesn’t always have to be something that sounds grand. Evidence could be something minute. It could be the mention of mole on the neck of the passed one, or the mannerism unique to them, or the word or phrase only they ever used. It could be something seemingly that trivial that it lets the recipients mind open with belief and comfort. One small piece of evidence will often open the recipient to hear the remaining parts of the reading with more interest and perhaps more tolerant of the medium’s other misinterpretations.

Sometimes I believe that too much is expected of a medium in public performances, though less so in Spiritualist Churches. Sometimes the audience are desperate to be shocked, to laugh, to cry, to be taken on a journey of mystery and intrigue. Their expectations might be too high. Perhaps it’s because mediums are often billed as ‘the incredible . . ‘ or ‘the outstanding. . ‘ or worse still ‘ internationally renowned . . . ‘ Such poster headlines might sell tickets, but I also feel that they move the audience into an expectation of great wonders, when really it is just a person connecting with the Spirit world to relay messages to their loved ones in the audience.

Evidence is unique to the recipient – no-one else, just the recipient. If it’s strong evidence, others present will know from reactions and emotions. I’d like to conclude this brief look at evidence with two examples from my personal experiences.

Example 1

I often refer to the time my father came through to me from the Spirit world in a personal meditation and gave me ‘The Gold Anchor‘ story. But before he came into that meditation a friend from where I worked at that time who had recently passed over with breast cancer also came through. She was not complete in my mind’s eye, I only seen her from the waist up. She said a few sentences about how I had been right about there being another life. But as she said that to me, she used a mannerism of speech and head movement that I had completely forgot about and only she could have done. It was such a tiny thing yet at that moment, I knew without question that my friend who was new to the Spirit world had made connection with me. A tiny bit of evidence – yet amazing to me.

Example 2

The final example I would like to share comes from one of the first private readings I did in my Sanctuary a few years ago. Before this lady arrived for the reading I had spent an hour in meditation alone. During this meditation I asked that the spirit work hard to bring me a gold nugget as this was my first reading up t’north. ‘I want a gold nugget please, an indisputable gold nugget.’

The lady arrived on time and I started my reading hour with her. I gave what I was receiving and got some nods of approval throughout the reading. She was a determined lady, not prepared to communicate much as she was a bit of a non-believer and wanted me to ‘prove’ myself. She told me so at the end of the reading! I think that is a northern style, certainly not found often in the south!

Towards the end of the reading I established that it was her husband in Spirit that was talking through me, that much she admitted during the reading. Suddenly I said this . . .

” Oh that’s weird. He wants me to talk about something. He mentions something that I’m a bit confused about. This might be my own mind getting mixed up but he wants to remind you of something he bought you. He’s talking about a gold nugget. I don’t understand why. Excuse me if that makes no sense, I think I’m getting confused with something I was talking to the Spirit world about before you came.”

Shortly after that the reading came to an end naturally. The lady who had been near silent up to then said, ” Right let me explain everything you’ve talked about“.

Bit by bit she went through the things I’d passed to her and explained their significance to her. Then she slowly bent in her chair and reached into her handbag. She pulled out a small jewellery box. Before she opened the lid, she explained to me that one of her most precious possessions was in this box. It was something her husband bought for her and something she treasures. She brought it with her in the hope he might mention it if he came through.

She opened the lid of the box and gently lifted out a small gold ingot on a chain. She showed it me. It was a piece of pure gold, hallmarked and stamped. She told me how her husband always referred to it as the gold nugget.

I shook with shock and cried with her. The Spirit team had delivered my gold nugget – literally! Now that’s what I call evidence.




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