This is one of my favourite sayings that I’ve learnt to fully understand during my spiritual journey, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Not only has it a direct meaning, it has an indirect meaning too. In other words, the opposite is very true. “When the student is not ready, the teacher is not required”.

From the viewpoint of being a student myself, I’ve always found it quite remarkable in the way that the spirit world appear to put things in my path at a time when I need them most. When I was looking for mentor-type teachers to help me develop, the spirit world have made sure that the right person to help me is available. I suppose some might argue that it’s similar to when you buy a green car and suddenly become aware of many similar green cars that weren’t there before!

Learning is crucial to growing in spiritualism. It is the additional knowledge gained through study that gives one a fuller understanding. The wonderful thing about being a student of psychic work is that there is so much to learn. In fact, so much that nobody will learn it all in a single earthbound life. That is the key to understanding that this is a journey that we will not complete  this side of life. We are therefore forever going to be learning and forever going to be students to the subject.

That said, it surprises me how many colleagues act like they’ve arrived, like they already know enough. They haven’t yet understood that there is always room to improve, to get better and to learn new information. That, however, is perhaps a subject for another post!

I’m fortunate that I have a hand-full of students that attend my home sanctuary for tuition and guidance in a closed circle. For this, I have become the mentor, as well as remaining a student myself. I take the responsibility quite seriously. It’s easy for me to put myself in their shoes and understand what it is each of them need right now in their personal journeys. Why? Because I’ve walked their paths and suffered their pain, their frustration, their desires and their hunger.

On my journey, I made a lot of mistakes. Things that I’ve had to unlearn. But even that has given me the insight to be able to see when students are making similar mistakes which allow me to attempt to redirect them to a better path. From the position of being a teacher, I can now understand how I must have frustrated and annoyed my mentors in the past. While they were trying to tell me things for the better, I was fixed in my own ways of doing things (wrong) and simply ignoring their advice.  But that is what we all do. We filter everything we hear and take out of it the things we want to hear and ignore the things we don’t want to, or need to hear.

I recall my mentors always telling me the importance of ‘sitting in the power’ and meditating to allow myself to understand my own spirit more. But so often, I ignored that solid advise and did things my way. The result being that my journey has taken me longer to reach this point. If I had been an ideal student, I would have done the things advised of me one hundred percent. Instead, I only half did them. The result – slower progress.

As a teacher now, I can see these traits in my students and now have to endure the frustration of watching them not listening as well as they could. In a sense, I guess I could say they are only doing as I did myself. A classic example that sums this up came from one of my group students who I’m sure they won’t mind me mentioning this. In an early session, I suggested to the students that we could consider tarot as a very good tool for using to connect to spirit. Further, I suggested that if they could afford it, they might consider buying their own sets. I supplied them links to where they could purchase them and the precise cards required. It was Rider Waite Radiant, as these are the cards I use as default and could share my knowledge with to help them grow. One week later and most of them had bought their cards. However, one student decided to get a completely different pack – angel cards, based on the casual chat with another of the students who used them for their own readings.

This came to light, a few weeks later when I asked the students to bring their cards to a session for some training. This student with the ‘odd’ pack proudly showed off the cards. They were a bit shocked when I told them I could not teach them with those cards as I had no understanding of them and they were not what I recommended at this stage. Suddenly I witnessed their frustration as they realised the consequences of only partly listening to the advice!

As a student, I probably wasn’t the best listener to be honest. But I have paid the price for that in taking so long to get to where I am now. So when I see the same mistakes as I used to make being made by my students, I try my best to divert them. Unfortunately, most of the time, the advice falls on deaf ears. So as a teacher, and still a student, I’m learning how to just accept things as they are and carry on anyway.

One piece of advice I was always given by all of my previous mentors was the importance of making notes. Diarising my progress with the tiniest of details from names, dates, and other information received during psychic work. I never had a problem with this. In fact, I have always made loads of notes. Even during church services, I’ve made notes of something the guest speaker has said that appealed to me. Or perhaps a line that a medium used that I thought was worth remembering. As I now refer back to my early notes for my group sessions I’m thankful that note-taking was something I did well.

In fact, I feel so strongly about it that when I started my group, I bought them all a notebook that they too could get into the habit of making notes. Interestingly though, as I write this, only one of the students regularly writes notes. The others, rarely get their books out of the drawers. So for me as a teacher, I find myself aiming my teaching at the most enthusiastic student first. You see, it comes back to my favourite saying again – “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

So I’ll conclude this post with a little bit of advice that might just be useful to someone. If you find a mentor that you have faith and belief in, edify them by listening one hundred percent to their knowledge and acting on it one hundred percent. Anything less is a dilution, and a dilution in this incident is time related.

When the student is ready, really ready, really hungry to learn, really stacking all the odds, really enthusiastic, excited and impatient, the teacher will appear. Be it in the form of an actual person, a book, a mentor, an event or a path to take, wise up. Make the decision, use the opportunity to grow. If it’s a person, hang on to them, listen to them, pester them almost, make notes, ask questions and stack all the odds in  your favour. I wish I had done so.  ♥


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