Where is the Spirit World?

“Where exactly is the Spirit World?” I was once asked by a friend with a curious mind. What a question to attempt to answer in a few simple words.

“Well it’s here, there, everywhere. Inside, outside, on the planet, in the stars. It’s all around us – we just can’t see it, ” I replied with an air of confidence.

That was probably over fifteen years ago, before I truly understood what I was talking about. I certainly didn’t have the knowledge I have now. None the less, I said it with confidence and that often is enough to convince.

So, fifteen years later, I’m looking at that question again and hoping to give a more accurate answer. But first, let’s remind ourselves about some of the science of this earth.

On this planet everything, including ourselves is simply a bunch of ordered atoms dancing together in their defined space. Nothing is truly solid. The table, the chairs, the trees, the animals, the earth itself are all simply different arrangements of atoms organised with a set of rules defined by nature.  The more atoms – the greater the mass. Each collection of atoms create their own collective force. Some of these forces are intense, so when we feel them, the object appears extremely solid. Such as in iron, diamond, rock etc. The most amazing part is that each atom within that force has the luxury of space both around it and even more inside it. That empty space accounts for over 90% of any object’s mass and the energy that the atoms create acts like the glue, simplified for the purpose of time in this description. So in conclusion, the world we interact with is actually over 90% empty.

How can that even be possible? Look it up. Scientists will explain it all better than I can.  The earth, huge as it might appear is nothing more than a ball of energy containing atoms of various type depending on their make-up and mass. The rocks are made of atoms, the mountains are made of atoms, the seas are made of atoms. Even the sun and stars are nothing more than atoms and energy. Those energy forces create a natural electrical vibration. The earth itself has its own vibration. We each have our own vibration, as do animals, plants and even inanimate objects. Think of it like frequencies on a spectrum scale where the earth itself defines the boundaries.

That one vibration range is where the universe, the galaxies, the sun, the earth and everything on it resides. In the same way as our own vision is limited to a very narrow range on the available light spectrum, so the earth’s vibration is just one frequency of an infinite potential range. A lot more exists outside of the range. In the example of our vision, there are infrared one end of the spectrum, that we cannot see, and ultraviolet the other end. Microwaves, x-rays, radio waves all exist on the same spectrum as the light. It’s just that our sight is limited to a small section of it. For other creatures, the ranges vary.

There is a growing belief among quantum scientists that other universes most likely exist, either inside our vibration range or outside it. Some scientists are connecting this with the unknown ‘dark’ matter that they know exists but cannot find with current human technology and understanding.

When you appreciate that the earth and the known universe as we currently understand it is a very very small part of the potential whole picture, you can easily accept that other universes, other planets, other worlds could and most likely do exist in other dimensions beyond our own vibration.

It is my belief, based on my current limited knowledge and experiences that this earth could easily contain many other dimensions that we simply cannot see. Take for example a radio station broadcasting on a set frequency. Everyone and everything attuned to that particular frequency will hear the radio station. But anything or anybody attuned to a frequency with a slightly different modulation simply would not hear that station – but it still exists.

Moving on from the basics now – what we know about our vibration is that we have to increase it somewhat to make a connection with those in the Spirit world. We also know that they too have to decrease their vibration in order to communicate with us here on earth. This we do through meditation and personal rituals that set the conditions for it to happen. We control our personal conditions. So, that tells us that the vibration of the Spirit world is greater than ours. Why? Because it is not slowed down with the energies of surrounding objects and solid bodies as we know them. There is a school of thought that suggests the vibration shift might be the other way around, that the spirit world is on a slower vibration and we are faster – whichever, it makes no difference to this explanation.

Based on that theory, I believe that the Spirit world actually exists right here on this planet. Yes, you could say that it’s around us, inside us and even part of us, but that is only true to a point. Because the Spirit world has it’s own unique vibration range, our earth simply does not exist for them. Only through changing vibrations can those in that world unite with us for brief moments in time.

As I finish this explanation as I understand it, I will pose another question on the same theme that I simply cannot yet answer. “If the world destroyed itself and ceased to exist, would the Spirit world continue?”

The closest I’ve got to answering that question is from a quote I once read in a book where someone else asked the same question, ” If humans were to destroy the earth, would heaven be destroyed too?” The author answered,

“God would not allow it to happen.”

So, in the eleven hundred words here I have tried to briefly explain my account of where the spirit world exists. My initial answer of some fifteen years ago was actually very accurate. However, at that time I did not understand enough of the science to make a more reasonable explanation. Sadly even now, with all my knowledge and experience I still struggle to explain it all in a logical way for all to make sense of it.  I just know for sure that the spirit world does exist and that the only sensible explanation is that it exists somewhere beyond our limited knowledge, and most likely, here with us on this earth.  ♥



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