If you have not read PART 1 of this story
please do so before reading this.


In part 1 of this story I told you about how I met with a guide from the other side during a specific meditation. In the story you will have read how this guide reluctantly told me a name to call him by. This was my first encounter with guides on a personal level.

White Ape, as he called himself, became important to me during those early days of unfoldment. I called upon him every time I performed any healing. I built up something of a relationship with him over the coming years. Because of the way I had originally validated his presence, I kind of knew that he would always be there. I even had ways of checking he was still there through requests for validation that were often forthcoming.

His conversations were very limited however. He didn't ask anything, merely answered when I called upon him with a question. Sometimes it would be during healing, when I wanted to know what was going on. Other times he might instruct me as to where to place my hands or what he wanted me to do to assist with the healing process.

What I'm telling here is that my relationship with my guide White Ape became very important and a fundamental person-like tool for my confidence during healing sessions. The only underlying issue I had with him was accepting the seemingly stupid name he had offered me for himself. Perhaps there was a part of my sub-conscious that didn't believe it was a real name and just simply a label. However, for around eight years I continued to call upon White Ape for healing help.

Moving forward in time, it came to pass that I had to move from the south of England to the north, leaving behind my friends and associates. Relocating was easy enough. We found a new home, we settled into the area and I managed to continue my courier business around the cities around us. But my Spiritual journey suffered badly. The way the churches and the mediums work up the north is different to that which I had been accustomed to. I found it hard to adjust to both the way things were done and the attitude of many of the Spiritualists and mediums.

My Sanctuary at home was beautiful. It was equipped with decent furniture, all the facilities and was perfect for working with Spirit. One thing was missing though - people. Try as I might, I could not seem to make friends with people I could get along with. I struggled mentally and over the coming months started to drift away from my studies and unfoldment. In fact, for a period of time, I converted the Sanctuary into a temporary studio for my hobby of video blogging. Basically I had lost my way. I had no input from mentors. I had no association with like-minded people and was not out and about to meet new people.

I would have given the whole mediumship thing up at this point quite easily. The only thing that was keeping me hanging in on a very fine thread was the amount of time and money that I had invested in this journey to this point.  My partner, Jane, sympathised with the situation and tried so hard to talk me out of the depression that I was going into. I was down, really down. Depressed, fed up and without direction or focus.

After about two years of this depression, one day I went into my Sanctuary alone. I closed the doors and decided to have a meditation - the first for a very long time.

I called 'White Ape' to come close to me and assuming he was there, I asked him for help. In my mind I had a pity party with him, telling him how depressed I was and how nothing was working up the north for me. I pleaded for help. I even had a pop at him suggesting that he probably didn't exist and that White Ape was a stupid name anyway!

Two things followed. The first was that I felt something heavy touch my leg. I opened my eyes in shock. There was nothing there. There were no spiders, no flies, nor any accountable explanation for the touch feeling I had experienced. After ruling every logical explanation out I decided to close my eyes and continue meditating.

During the coming minutes I heard the word 'Saki' in my head. For some reason I knew that this was White Ape giving me his real name. I even asked his to spell it. S.A.K.I.

These two incidents lifted me somewhat and shortly after I left the Sanctuary and headed back into the main house. I grabbed my iPad and starting searching the internet with the word Saki. First thing I discovered was that there was a well known author at the turn of the last century that went by the pen name Saki. I thought that to be quite appropriate considering the amount of writing I do. I couldn't find anything else out at that stage and so I turned to Google Images as a last resort.

Searching with the word Saki I was shocked when I found a picture of a white monkey. I was excited. I clicked the associated link below the thumb picture and there it was again. Saki was a name associated with a white faced monkey often referred to as a white ape by the people that hold the animal in high esteem.

So here I was again. Depressed and completely fed up when after calling for help from my guide he appears. He touched me physically and gave me his real name. For eight years I had believed that 'White Ape' was a stupid name. None the less, I had come to rely and trust he was there. Here he was on this day of need offering me comfort through the touch and through the sharing of his real name.

This article has been rewritten a couple of years later. I have not changed the content from the original and have not embellished it in any way. What is written above is accurate and true.

Shortly after that event, in a matter of months, everything changed. I met with a remarkable lady medium that was true to Spirit and worked like no others I had seen since being up the north. She has encouraged me back onto the right path and things are moving forward at an alarming rate. My mediumship, in my humble opinion, is now better than ever and finally I am confident and happy with where I am.

So, do I believe in guides? Oh Yes - especially Saki!