Why Mediums Should Keep A Journal

It is often suggested by teachers of psychic and spiritual development that students should keep a diary or journal. I completely agree with this statement and will explain my take on that now.

When  I started out on this Spiritual journey, I didn’t bother keeping a diary at first. I couldn’t understand why I needed to. It was a couple of years after getting interested, and after a church workshop, that I thought it might be a good idea to start making notes of what I was doing, learning and how I was progressing.

At first I kept a paper notebook filled with notes and information as I learnt it. I wrote my own experiences down too, no matter how small. That was some 17 years ago now. During the rebuilding of this website I reread a lot of those early notes. At first, I thought some of the notes were not very exciting and for a few minutes wondered why on earth I had made note of such trivial occurrences.

But then it struck me. I realised that since those early days, three important factors had happened:

  1. I have grown in knowledge and experience
  2. I have become a far better medium than I ever thought I would
  3. Many of my early views & opinions have changed with time

I now look upon those early notes from my diary as ‘chapter 1’. I feel that subsequent chapters are and will be far more based on solid foundations, such as wisdom, experience and practical knowledge.

A lot of the observations that I wrote about at that time didn’t have conclusions. There were things that happened that I could not account for and simply wrapped it under the heading of ‘Spirit at work’. However, on reading back nowadays with a wiser pair of eyes, I can understand what was happening, why these things were happening and in a few cases dismiss them as nothing more than ordinary day-to-day occurrences.

I’ve written about this before – much of a student’s journey of learning is actually quite the opposite. It’s about unlearning. There are so many Spiritual teachers in the churches, colleges and community centres up and down the country. Each running a circle, or teaching a workshop, or lecturing at presentations, or simply standing on a podium in their roles as mediums. In their audiences are students learning from them. Some students are more keen than others and hear every detail told them. The student on this Spiritual pathway as a new way of life is usually keen to learn, like I was. They may be like me and take notes a lot. When something ‘new’ is heard, such as a practical way to heal, or a revelation about their ‘guide’, or even where their future role will be, the student hangs onto it like a new truth. They have not the experience or knowledge to consider how true the method or prediction might be. And when someone tells them, ‘they’re going to be a healer’ they hang onto that with such importance.

So making notes of everything and anything is actually far more important than one can imagine. Not only does it offer a way of seeing your own progress, it also offers a way of making detailed notes of an event, a prediction or a new truth that can be reviewed at a later date. Your journal may contain books that you’ve read, exercises you learned at a workshop, reports from your meditations, phrases & skills you’ve noted from other medium and pretty much anything you feel is part of your development and unfoldment.

Do I still keep a journal or diary? Hello – you’re reading it!

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