Witnessing the Crossing Over

Over the past decade I have witnessed three passings to the Spirit world first hand. One was my Mother and the other two related to my partner. As a medium and Spiritualist, the experience is quite different to any other aspect of my work with Spirit.

I should make it quite clear that these occasions haven’t been without personal grief or emotional upset at the time. I’m only human after all and experience the same sadness as everyone else. But I have witnessed something quite extraordinary on each occasion thanks to my attuned senses and understanding of the process.

I’ve been given permission to write this post and do so in the hope that others might find some comfort in such a dark moment.

My Mother passed to Spirit at 5am Christmas day in 2007 after recently being diagnosed with incurable cancer. The week before she passed, we visited her in the hospital. On leaving, I leant over her bed to kiss her face. She whispered to me, ” Darling, I really need some of that healing you do”. Those words were the last she ever spoke to me, this side of her life.

Of course, over the coming seven days I did just that every day from my home some 140 miles south. We returned to the hospital the following week where we were informed that time was close. So we sat with her to the end.

During the last fifteen minutes of her earth life, I witnessed a series of events I cannot expect anyone else to understand, let alone believe. I was sat in a chair at the foot of her bed. The room was dimly lit. My brother was there too. I watched her very closely. It was apparent that she was fighting to live. I was in a semi-meditative state praying for a peaceful transition and talking to Mum in my mind to let go and not fight.

I seen the vision of the heads of several spirit people around her as if working through a mist. They were helping her to let go. I knew Mum was still fighting, though not physically. She was very still on the bed, yet it was apparent she was fighting the process. Her Spirit was trying hard to hold on to life. It was like a fledgling bird too scared to leave the nest for the first time. I became aware that she was about to pass and moved very close to her side. I was at her left shoulder. I whispered very quietly, ” Mum, it’s time to let go. It’s time to go home now. Your job is done here.”  Within seconds she slipped peacefully away.

 My words had naturally shocked my brother. He didn’t want to lose his Mother and made it quite clear that he disapproved of my words. We humans are selfish sometimes – that’s the dark side of love. But I knew it was futile wanting Mum to fight to live any longer as the onslaught of her disease was too advanced. The deadly cancer had taken over the insides of her body. 

I had witnessed first hand the work of Spirit and how they came to help her through this transition. I found a lot of comfort in that and I felt that all I knew about life after death was true. I had also witnessed how strong the Spirit of a person is in wanting to stay with the body and live.

A few years later I was at the hospital bedside of my partner’s Aunt in her last hours. We had travelled the 100 mile journey to the Devon area the previous day and booked into a nearby hotel from where we rang the nearby hospital to get updates from the nursing staff. They informed us that it was only a matter of hours. Somehow, we knew Aunty would  wait for us to arrive at her bedside early the following morning.

Aunty knew we were there, even though she was not fully conscious. I sat with Aunty and told her what role was to be given to her when she crossed to heaven. She was to be given the role of working with the younger children who would pass to Spirit. I had been told this the week previous during a meditation to Spirit.  By the way,  I referred to the Spirit world as heaven because Aunty was a devout christian and had been all her life. She strongly believed in God as a person and that heaven was a real place.

We sat with Aunty and at one point absolutely knew beyond doubt that she was ready to pass over. She had waited for us to be there.  As she passed away, she did so peacefully. No fight, no fuss. It was as if she knew what lay ahead for her. She was prepared and had accepted that was her phase of her  journey. Her life of Christianity had prepared her.

Recently, my partner’s father, was taken to hospital due to an unknown illness. Doctors tested him for everything, yet could not find anything wrong. He was 96 years old and a proud strong man much loved by all. He was like a father to me and I loved him.

Over the few weeks he was in hospital he rallied then faded, rallied again and faded again. Eventually, we were made aware by the medical staff that they felt that his time was coming to an end and my partner and me vowed we would stay with him to the end. At 2am on 18th September he crossed to the Spirit world. For at least 24 hours up to this time his spirit had been fighting to stay alive. His breathing had been erratic and he had used all the strength he could muster to stay alive. Gentle squeezes from his hand let us know he was still fighting, until the final few hours that is. No more squeezes came. No body movements. He was using all the remaining strength his Spirit could find to breath. In the final twenty minutes he stopped fighting to live. His breathing became shallow and we knew he was resided to the inevitable. We believed his spirit had left his body. Eventually the body took one last breath and after 96 years simply stopped.

I had known for weeks that father’s sister, Aunty was ready for him in the Spirit world. Some weeks before, I had received messages from her telling me that his friends and her would be there for him.  I had not been privy to dates or when, just that it was close. During the last days father had talked of spending time with his sister and was shocked when my partner told him she had passed some years prior. His dreams had been vivid and he talked frequently at the end of the people he was seeing. Once in the hospital he pointed to the foot of his bed claiming he saw Fred, his best mate, stood there. Fred had passed a couple of years ago.

In the five minutes after his passing, my eyes were fixed on his motionless hand on the side of the bed where his body lay. In the silence, I heard a gentle creaking of the plastic sheet of the undercover. I watched his hand shrinking fractionally. I seen a bright white and bright purple electric energy dispersing from his hand, which I can only imagine was the final energy of his spirit leaving the redundant body.

Death is such a final word that I cannot associate it with the three passings. As scientific as I try to remain in my study and practise of mediumship, I am convinced beyond any doubt that there is nothing final about the end of life as we know it. In fact, I almost find myself wanting to say it is a remarkable and peaceful process.

Will I fight to stay alive when my time comes? You bet I will! Yes I know that I will be going to the next world but I love life too and like everyone, my spirit wants to live in the physical body. Yet I also know that at some stage of the transition I shall let go, make the leap and move towards the light as we all eventually do. To enter the new world, to let go of all possessions and take with me only the lessons that this life have presented to me.    ♥

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