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March 2014 -
From Sandra in Loughborough

Sandra read an article Trev had published about an amazing event he experienced at The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted.

Loughborough Spiritual Church

Loughborough Spiritual Church

Hi Trevor. Have just read your experience that you had at The Arthur Findlay College. How amazing that was and truly uplifting for you after your misgivings about going. It was meant to be and Spirit were really pulling you towards your gift from them. I have virtually no experience with Spirit but believe wholeheartedly

I belong to Loughborough Spiritualist Church. I have been to several retreats in Derbyshire and the odd workshop at church. I love the feeling of 'belonging' with like minded people. I am interested in healing but haven't started a course as yet. I lost my Mum 18 months ago aged 92 and took care of her for the last 3 half years of her life. She had dementia and cancer. During that time I thought that I would start the course after she had passed but like you I have been struggling with where I am. I've lost purpose and seem to avoid commitment.

Can't seem to get passed it. I hope that the experience you had has recharged your batteries and renewed your purpose. How wonderful to know that Spirit have given you a gift as I am sure you have shared many gifts selflessly with people in need of love and comfort. Thank you for sharing your experience with me and lovely to know that Showbiz people are humbly on our journey too.

Blessings sent Trevor and maybe I can stay in touch from time to time.

Trev's reply: Sandra, thank you for your kind words. We all have the same gift. I reckon yours is waiting for you to take action. Go explore the subject. You will love it - it gets in your blood!


Trev asked
"What was your first 'spooky' experience?"

My first experience with spirit was an angelic one. I was around seven years old, it was a hot summer but I was sitting in the stairs playing Christmas carols on my recorder. From above and behind me I clearly heard all I can describe as ''heavenly singing'' a child I was as you can appreciate frightened and I remember running down the stairs (I was half way up) into the kitchen to my mum. I've regretted to this day that I didn't turn around and look!!!'

Debra Muggeridge: 15th April 2015  01:26


In an article about the subject of distant readings, Trev discussed the positives and negatives of this way of working with Spirit.


I read this discussion this morning and at that time had nothing to say on the topic. I didn't feel whether it is right or wrong. However, during this morning’s meditation, these thoughts entered my mind and I'd like to share them with you.

First and foremost, whether you do a distant reading or a reading where the participant is present, it is about your intention. So, what is your intention? That is a question every medium should ask themselves before every reading. Your intention is setting the frame for your reading. Is your intention to be the bridge between the two worlds? Is your intention to bring, whatever Spirit wants to bring, to the participant? Do you have faith in Spirit? Do you ever ask yourself why this particular person comes to you? Does it occur to you that we are collaborating with a higher intelligence? Do you believe that Spirit actually chose you for this particular reading?

If Spirit knows that you are the best medium at this time, to receive and to bring forth the information, consolation or knowledge that is needed for your recipient, why question that? Why enquire in what form it is performed? Someone needs you, call you – and there you are, on Skype, or phone or in the same room. Form must never precede content. If that translates? We must not forget that well known and famous mediums are people just like us. They have their opinions on all sort of things, just like you and I. The difference is that famous or well-known mediums reach out to so many more people. And because of that, their hard work and dedication has rendered them some sort of authority, we allow sometimes their opinions to overshadow what we, ourselves think. When authorities voice their opinion, it is just their opinion, not natural law! (it is very common in Sweden that people tend to blindly follow famous mediums opinions without asking themselves what they think is right or wrong.

So my conclusion is, there is no right or wrong. Everybody must follow their inner instructions, that which comes from Spirit. If you are chosen by Spirit to do a reading for someone, and that someone is living miles away and thus is prevented to be present for a reading, then it is your job, it is your obligation as a medium to do that reading – distance or no distance. If your intentions are that you want to be of service with all your heart, nothing can go wrong. Spirit will ensure that. 

Ingrid B. Numerologist & Medium

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