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Based in Shevington, in the north of England and named after the famous Sanctuary at the Arthur Findlay College, the Sanctuary is home for Trev's work with the spirit. With all facilities, the building is the home for readings, students and personal meditation. Featuring a full cabinet, library and a personal collection of useful related objects of interest.

If you’ve stumbled on this website and are curious about what’s going on, read on!
Evidential Medium, Trev and his team are creating a new podcast, due for launch in the spring of 2020. Through the winter months and early new year, the preparations will be done to get ready for the launch. This website will be the main base for the podcast and it is here that all the episodes will be available to listen to or download.

The format of the show is being kept under wraps for the moment, but you can be sure it will be very interesting and varied in content related to the craft of mediumship. Interviews with guests and loads of regular features are to be part of the content. In the meantime you can help.

We need patreons to the show. So if you feel you could fund this project with a regular donation, our patreon page is HERE. We also need administrators for this website and for our social media content. We also need help with the final name of the podcast, ideas for logos and other graphics and any suggestions to make this project a huge success.

Keep an eye on this website for updates as we get nearer to the project launch. In the meantime, you can email us on trevor@spiritedtalkpodcast.com



Working on a voluntary basis, you will become part of this exciting new project, helping to build the community, promote the podcasts and respond to any feedback on all social media platforms. Some basic knowledge would be an advantage. You will need to be prepared to invest at least 5 hours each week, have a positive attitude and believe in the vision statements of the podcast. You can work from home, though occasional visits to the Sanctuary studio would be convenient.


Working on a voluntary basis, you will become part of this exciting new project, assisting in the administration, fund raising, guest arrangements & scheduling. Some basic knowledge and living near the UK WN6 postcode would be an advantage. Your time investment needs to be flexible and around 5 hours weekly. A positive attitude and a belief in the vision statements of the podcast. Most work can be done from home, though regular meetings at the Sanctuary studio will be likely.

Email: trevor@spiritedtalkpodcast.com

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