Discussions and debate around all aspects of communication with the Spirit world. From discovering your own potential to advanced learning.


Listening and learning from experienced and often well known public figures about their personal spiritual and psychic pathways.

question sessions

Asking all the common and not so common questions in all the topics of psychic and spiritual development and unfoldment.


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The Sanctuary

Based in Shevington, in the north of England and named after the famous Sanctuary at the Arthur Findlay College, the Sanctuary is home for Trev's work with the spirit. With all facilities, the building is the home for readings, students and personal meditation. Featuring a full cabinet, library and a personal collection of useful related objects of interest.
The main host and creator of the Spirited Talk podcast has been studying psychic & spiritual work for over two decades from sceptic to practising medium, author & teacher.
'Psychic' Trev
The Psychic Apprentice
A weekly series of podcasts presented by Trev and his team and featuring special guests talking about their stories and all aspects of Spiritual & psychic development & unfoldment.
Spirited Talk
life the other side
The Sanctuary is based at Trev's home in Shevington, a small village in Greater Manchester. It contains the recording studio & is where Trev does his private spiritual work with clients and students
The Sanctuary
Home of the podcast