Another Testing Day

I would never have believed it could be so hard to wire up a basic system to record audio over the internet! I spent hours today working in the sanctuary studio trying to find the best way to record audio that is processed through my mixer, recorded on my systems and a line sent back out to the person being interviewed.

Poor Jane had to sit in front of her computer in the house talking on a zoom conference window to me in the sanctuary. Every combination of wiring setups I tried were noisy, poor quality or silent! I’ve double and treble checked my wiring is correct, yet at the close of play this evening, I was no further forward. So this part of the preparation is taking a lot of time to get right. I’ve about two weeks left before the first distant interview takes place and I confess here and now – I am panicking.

I’ll be back in the Sanctuary tomorrow for more testing. I just hope Jane has the patience for more sitting looking a conference window with some loony frantically trying to get a decent connection. 

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