Could This Be The Last Guest?

Our country, and the world, is in crisis as the Covid-19 strain of virus causes devastation across our people. Personally, I had, until the past few days, believed that it was over hyped and I would be fine. But as a diabetic with asthmatic issues I cannot leave things to chance any longer, nor should anyone. I’ve suspended my courier business until further notice and will now be focusing entirely on this podcast until further notice.

Today, as I write this, I have my second guest arriving tonight for a recording of their episodes. I’m very excited by the prospect of another interview with a wonderful character and hearing their incredible story.

When the interview is complete, it will most likely be the last one with a studio guest for a while. We all have to be sensible and reduce the risks of spreading the invisible enemy. Now, that all said – I have two remote interviews to complete in the next couple of weeks, and both are incredibly wonderful guests that I can’t wait to talk to.

When those are all complete, we will have enough weekly episodes to take us up to around mid June. The original planning had been to be recording ahead by approximately two months. That will now be achieved.  

This coming Friday is the day that the Spirited Talk podcast becomes public knowledge. 

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