Official Launch Date For The Spirited Talk Podcast

... 20TH APRIL 2020 ...


Episode 1 went live on iTunes on 29th March 2020 ahead of the official launch date. In this first ever podcast that the host Trevor has ever recorded, he reveals some incredible details of his personal journey from being a sceptic, over 20 years ago, to being a working evidential medium today. Trev talks candidly about how a series of tragedies in a short period of time tested his own mental strength. He talks about how he feels the spirit world were trying to get his attention and when he finally noticed, his life changed direction dramatically for the better.

Since this episode was recorded at the end of February 2020, the studio has been further equipped with more sophisticated equipment and better recording facilities. The quality vastly improved by the time the 2nd episode was recorded later in March 2020. This first episode is the only one that is devoted to the host’s own story. The decision was always to launch this one episode ahead of the official date.

Episode 2 with my first guest will be available here or on iTunes & Google Play on 20th April 2020. 

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