Finally Ready Online

Another full day working on the podcast. First thing Sunday morning, the running scripts were produced for the first interview which happens in The Sanctuary Studio on Tuesday. Then the rest of the day was spent finally sorting out all the technical stuff for the remote interviews. It transpired that one of the cables I had been using, a brand new one to boot, was actually faulty and had been causing issues. Once I tracked the fault down and replaced the cable, the entire Zoom conferencing setup worked perfectly.

So I’m finally ready for the distant interviews. The first one of those is taking place in a week or so. 

I’ve still got a few things to complete in the studio though. A new computer is to be installed in the next couple of days. The cameras have to be installed and the studio lighting to complete. But all in all, we’re getting there very slowly. Thank goodness I allowed enough time for all this before the launch date.

I had one of my students visit tonight and so together we enjoyed a wonderfully peaceful meditation. The presence of spirit has not been lost from the Sanctuary. I’m confident that they back this project anyway. It can only be a good thing for all.

While I’m waffling on – great news with the forthcoming interviews. As I write this, I have a few more suitable guests in the wings. It will be good to get this setting up stuff out of the way and settling down to the actual production of the podcasts. Have a great day today.

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