From Little Acorns . . .

I was asked a question the other day regarding the motive behind the podcast going forward. I was asked, is this about helping others or is it a commercial venture? For me, the answer is easy. The Spirited Talk Podcast is only about helping others and sharing the knowledge and wisdom. I have a vision statement for the project and I intend to be guided by that.

“The vision of the Spirited Talk Podcast is to create a media based source where like-minded people the world over can listen, read and learn from others on the same pathway of life. Through the podcast guest’s knowledge and wisdom the listener will hear opinions advice and knowledge to enhance, educate and inform. Through the podcast’s own communities on social media, the listener can continue the conversation by asking questions, debating and discussing in an environment of care.”

That statement might not be ‘corporate’ literate, but it is the driving force behind my ambitions with the Spirited Talk Podcast.

Now, understand this – the project has been entirely funded by my own personal money to date. I have invested much time and a sizeable sum of money to get it right, to the best of my abilities and with very limited experience. Why? Because I believe in this project, and it appears, my guests do too.

The podcast is free to all. However, there are going to be a lot of ongoing costs involved, more than one could imagine, from the maintaining of the studio with heating, lighting and electricity, to other aspects of the podcast production. Such expenses as subscriptions to technical services essential to produce acceptable sound quality, to distribution, hosting and a few other areas. In the future, I’d like to reimburse my guest’s travelling expenses, to upgrade the equipment to ease the production side, to offer a small fee to volunteers helping to maintain the social media, the volunteers helping with the fund raising side and other areas that need a lot of input.

In order to afford this, Spirited Talk will encourage ‘partners’ who will willingly contribute funds through our Patreon scheme. I already do this myself to other podcasts that I listen to regularly. Why? Because I appreciate what they’ve done and how much they help me on my personal path. As an example, I give just $1 per episode, which is $4 per month to one of my favourite spiritual podcasts. I think it’s worth it. I’ve always believed that if you get something for nothing, it rarely has a value. Pay for something and it then has a value to you.

The Spirited Talk Podcast offers several opportunities to contribute through the successful Patreon scheme of funding. Any of our listeners that offer a small donation will automatically become a contributor to the podcast. In return they will receive certain perks.Through this scheme they might choose to contribute as little as $1 or £1 per episode or as much as they want. When a contributor has consistently done so for a period of time, or contributes above a set amount regularly, they will automatically move from contributor to the partner level. The benefits for them at this level are more perks, such as double entries into the monthly prize draw, early access to episodes and personal communications with the podcast. A long term partner will be upgraded to the status of ‘podcast ambassador’ with full access to all the perks and opportunities to contribute live during a recording and discounted merchandise.

All levels of contributors, will be given access to the Spirited Talk Facebook page and will be credited by name in some podcast episodes.

But let me finish this by making one thing clear. This podcast’s motives are not to make a business model that turns a profit over. Funding is used solely on the ongoing costs and investments required to keep it healthy.

The long term visions of Spirited Talk is for there to be more than one host (me at the moment). And for there to be a small team of people to become part of a team devoted to the long term success of this podcast. Now – that is a huge mountain to climb. 

But just think about that humble acorn in the photo at the top of this post. You can do two things with it. Look at it and hope something happens. Or you can plant it, feed it and sit on it until it grows into a tall strong weather resistant oak tree in the future. A vision or dream is simply the plan for the road ahead.

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