My name is Trevor, the host of the Spirited Talk podcasts.

Through this media source of podcasts my vision is to educate and inform the growing community of people interested in communicating with the other world we know as ‘The Spirit World’.

For the past two decades that has been my experience. The more I learn the more there is to discover. I know that I will never know it all and that this exciting journey of self discovery is one that will take me more than my short lifetime. In fact, the more I learn, the more I realise I know so very little in the grand scheme of things. Like so many of us, the challenge of having to unlearn so much adds to the baggage on the path forward. So, to make this podcast series even more of a success, I cannot do it alone.

"The question to ask people is not whether they believe in life after death, but whether they want to believe. The viewpoint of being a non-believer is quite normal if the evidence hasn't been shown. Why would anyone believe in anything on just faith? After revealing the evidence, I know their original opinion has been questioned and that opens many doors. "

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On our website there is a schedule of forthcoming subjects that this podcast intends to cover. I need experts, people with specific knowledge and experience to come and share their wisdom on a podcast. No matter what your speciality is regarding working with the spirit world, I would like to hear from you. Your contribution will enrich the content and help other like-minded students to learn and progress in their path.

Contact me now, if you would like to contribute.

Your experience, your advice and your wealth of knowledge is exactly what the Spirited Talk podcast needs to share with the many listeners the world over. You can make a difference. If you have an in-depth understanding  a specific topic of discussion, I’d like to hear from you. My podcasts intend to obtain the best sources of information within the constraints of the production abilities.



I can offer an interview using such services as Zoom Conferencing, Skype etc. Let’s talk and get it arranged. Depending on your time availability, a recording could take around an hour. We will discuss the topic of conversation prior to the actual recording. Some podcasts are video recorded for use on our YouTube channel. 

All the podcasts are prerecorded and edited so there’s no need to worry about nerves or mistakes – I make enough of them as it is! All qualified guests will receive notes in advance of the recording and the most likely questions that are to be asked – but these are only a guideline to give you time to consider your response.

If you have written a book or an event you want to promote, while sharing your story, I am eager to hear from you. I do encourage guests to offer something as a gift to be added to the monthly prize draws that Spirited Talk Patron members could win. Anything you can offer will be appreciated and of course promoted highly.


The podcast studio is conveniently located just one mile off junction 27 of the M6 in Lancashire within my home Sanctuary. Come along and be a live guest in the studio for a recording session. I’ll work hard to sort a convenient time out for you.

Recording will take around 2 hours. Refreshments & facilities are available.If required, you can request a copy of the finished podcast prior to broadcast date for your approval, though if not requested, these are not automatically offered. 

Don’t worry about being word perfect – the podcast is edited prior to publication.


I’m keen to receive input from my Patron partners. You’ve chosen to invest in the podcast and that’s a commitment I’m grateful for. In return, I’d like to hear your comments and feedback. Patron partners can make their own short recordings of comments, input and feedback using the voice recorder on their smartphone or tablet and forward them to the studio. There’s a brief tutorial video available on your Patron page showing you how easy it is.

Have Your Say, get your voice heard.

Here’s a brief outline of the information you must include on your recording:

  • YOUR NAME AND LOCATION (county or city is enough)
  • YOUR PIECE – no longer than a two minutes

That’s it! Don’t worry if you make mistakes. Wherever possible, these can be removed by my editing team.

There are a number of ways to send your finished recording. You can share a Dropbox folder, with only that file in it. You can attach it to an email or chat service such as Whats App. Recording short voice files are normally small enough to attach to an email. Formats such as .wav, .mp3 are best. Record to the highest standard you can and that would give it a greater chance of being selected for a future podcast. Positive feedback recordings are likely to be used in more then one podcast episode.

You will be notified if and when your piece is to be included.


Your comments and feedback are most welcome by email. To be considered for inclusion, the email must contain your name and your city. In some circumstances you may be contacted back.

On the website, under the menu ‘Forthcoming’ you’ll find details of the forthcoming topics. Alongside each topic it states whether this topic is still ‘OPEN’ for your inclusions or ‘CLOSED’ being prepared for recording. So help make this podcast better with your input, your wisdom and your knowledge. Patreon partners are given higher priority so don’t be too disappointed if your input is missed. Just keep trying.


I would love to receive your comments and feedback. Wherever possible, I will respond and may use your comments within a podcast. If you have questions, feel free to ask them and I’ll get answers from my guests or myself.

contact me now

I look forward to hearing from you