A Healing Prayer

Our precious world is changing in so many ways. While we’re all showing concerns about the state of the planet with global change, we’re facing another challenge to our way of life at a microbiological level with the Covid 19 virus. This near invisible enemy is spreading at an alarming rate across on borders and showing no mercy on its way. 

As spiritualists and mediums, it is worth reminding ourselves that we are also healers. I’m not suggesting for one minute that we have the mental power, or Divine connections to knock this virus into touch. No, that is down to our own bodies to deal with at a level of consciousness well below anything we have access to. Our internal organisms will fight the virus and develop the antibodies to deal with the virus in the best possible way by leaving us immune to it’s nasty effects.

But we can help on a spiritual level. As I understand some forms of spiritual healing, we aren’t focusing on the bad or negative, the disease itself. We’re focusing on the good, the positive energy. When we connect by prayer or conversation to our God (Divine source), we are asking for the healing energy that creates life and is life to flow in abundance to our subject.

What I am suggesting is rather than asking Divine for direct action to the illness, the virus, ask instead for the healing energy to flow. As mediums and healers, we know we can do that. We have total belief in the power of that request and each of us have experienced the results. 

So, over the coming days, weeks and months, use these words in your prayers and requests.

Divine Spirit, as I connect my thoughts with yours right now,

I firstly offer thanks and gratitude for the life I have on this earth.

I know that it is through that Divine energy that gives life, and is life that we are born, grow and live.

At this time, Divine Spirit, I ask that the universal energy,  that life force be focused on {subject} who is in need of it right now.

I ask for this rich energy to be filled with your love and be sent in abundance to {subject}

I ask that it be used by their spirit and soul in the best way you choose for their greater good.

I ask for this in gratitude and in your name with love.

Divine Spirit – thank you.


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