Helpful Interview Techniques

The most important aspect of the interview process, especially for the Spirited Talk podcast is preparation. If you’re lucky enough to be invited for an interview on the podcast, the first thing you should do is prepare for it properly. You might believe you can ‘wing it’ but that is simply not the best approach.

The administration team at Spirited Talk have posted loads of information on this website covering all aspects of the process. This is all available within the guest area of the website which you will have been given access to through the password system.

The details available in this area help you with everything from technical requirements, scripts and easy to use forms that return the required information without any hassle whatsoever.

Technical:  (for remote interviews) The listener will not listen for long to a poor recording due to inadequate equipment being used. So the guidelines set out in the guest area should always be adhered to as near as possible. Room choice, microphone use,  and sometimes lighting all make a difference to the quality. An example of the information not being read by a guest came in a recent interview that, although the guest had stated their set-up was good enough, it transpired at the interview stage not to be so. The result was that after the 90 minute interview was complete, the quality was so poor our technical team could not recover the recording enough for use. So that interview will not be used. A few simple implemented things would have made all the difference. In the guest area there is ample information to help and one of the requirements via a form is to let Spirited Talk know what equipment you are going to be using. Include as much detail as possible. If its a tablet you’re using, include what make and model and whether you will be using the original headphones that came with it. If it’s a smartphone, include the make and model and whether headphones with mic attached are available. On some occasions it is possible to loan the equipment from Spirited Talk in advance of the interview. A set of suitable equipment can be sent to you which must be returned immediately the interview is complete. This package will include instructions and all the bits required.

Introductions: Every podcast episode begins with an introduction of the guest by the host. This original information is supplied by the guest and not the host, unless you have a public profile where the information can be found. So the best approach is as soon as you’ve been issued access to the guest area of the website, get the necessary information back to the studio without delay so that your interview preparations can commence. There is a very straightforward form available for you to include the required information and send. Your information doesn’t have to be grammatically correct, or even laid out like an introduction. It just requires some information about you that can be used to edify you to the valued listener. Again, there is a lot of information in the guest area to help you prepare this.

Personal Details: All, yes, all of the requested details are required. The details allow the Spirited Talk team to stay in contact with you. Social media message boxes are not enough. None of the details are used for anything other than for communication through the process. The recording schedule is very busy and being able to confirm details very quickly is important so please help with all the required details.

Specialist Subject: If you’re required to discuss a specialist area that you have knowledge on, make sure you are prepared. Perhaps supply questions that you feel might need to be asked. Or request a list of the questions planned for the interview. You will come across to the listener as much more informed if you’ve prepared in advance.

What’s next?: Have you been asked to be interviewed and not heard anything back yet? It is most likely because you’ve not supplied any information yet from the guest area. There is currently a queue of guests and priority is given to those where the requested information has been supplied. If you are already well known and with a high public profile, the required information is still necessary. 

Your interview will be listened to by a great deal of people across the globe for many years to come. So make it work for you. Put in some effort to the interview process and you’ll improve the quality of the content and help make the interview ‘sticky’ (a technical term for content that is more popular than other content).

You’ve been asked for an interview for a reason, and we’re delighted you’ve accepted. You have information and experience that can and will help so many others. So help Spirited Talk make that happen to the highest standards possible. 

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