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Trev’s created this page to guide you through the process of applying for an interview on Spirited Talk.

It is Trev’s intent that with this information, your experience will be as straightforward as possible and one you will enjoy. The first, and most essential step is to return the details requested in the 2 easy forms below. Relax – the details are only used for communications through the interview process and are not used for any other purpose.

If you receive further communication from Trev at any time during the setting up of an interview, it is advised you respond as soon as possible.


Your full name is required, not nicknames or titles, just first and last name.

Your email address is required, but is only used for all interview communication.

Your telephone number is required for sms texts and contact on interview day.

Your device type is required so we know what is being used for the interview. We’d recommend using a laptop before any other device. If you use a PC (desktop) computer, you will need a webcam and an external mic to attach.

If you’re using a tablet or smartphone, the make and model is required so advice on best connection can be given. Cheaper tablets often result in poor audio.

If you have the original earplugs that came with the smart device, it is best to use them through the interview as the sound quality is superior to built-in mics.




original headphones with micadd-on mic

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Read First

Your application introduction is a short piece that is used by the host to consider you for a podcast recording. It is akin to a narrated CV, highlighting your achievements and experiences. It is the information that would give the listener a reason to stay listening, emphasising your knowledge, in particular, the subject you have been selected to talk about. It is not bragging.

Form 2 is designed to make it easy for you to send your introduction, or loose notes, to the Spirited Talk team. You can copy/paste your notes as plain text from any other application you've used to create them. Don't worry, you don't have to write the actual information - just supply the details.

Specialist Area: Where do you believe your strengths are?

Don't be shy. You've achieved so much. You've chosen to apply for an interview so you must feel you have a story to tell - now's your opportunity
Let The World Know
This is your chance to sell yourself

The form text area will accept much more information than the actual box size suggests.

Prepare Notes For Your Test Connection

If you’re lucky enough to be selected for an interview you might want to read this. Unless you’ve a wealth of experience in being interviewed, it is often better if you have a few notes in front of you for your interview. The notes can be in bullet form and are simply there to remind you of specific things you might want to mention. It’s so annoying when an interview is finished and you think of something you wish you’d mentioned.

The next stage before an interview is arranged is to take part in a test connection and chat with the host. This is where you can discuss what it is you have to share with the world.

Once your interview is approved, you’ll be given access to the guest page where there is more information to help you prepare. If there are specific things you want included you will need to inform the host during the test connection. 


Once you've sent the required forms on this page back with all of the details, and you're selected for an interview, you'll be issued with a password to the guest area - but not before all the information is received, and only if your application is approved.

Thank You

Your interview will serve to help so many people across the world. Thank you


There is often a desire to be coy with personal information and we understand that.
However, the information requested is only used for your interview and is not shared anywhere else.