Mediumship – Why Not


Would you like to hear your point of view on Spirited Talk?

Are you a medium? Do you want to be a medium? Do you not believe in life after death?

Trev is recording an episode discussion those three questions. Are you a medium and why? Are you aspiring to be a medium and again, why? Or do you simply just not believe in life after death. Here’s your chance to take part in the recording session and let your voice be heard.

The episode is scheduled be recorded on Tuesday 14th April at 2:00pm. To take part in the recording you will need to register your interest by using THIS LINK and registering your details. All the details on BOTH forms are required. Use the introduction part of the second form to outline your point of view. You may be contacted back prior to recording, for a test connection via ZOOM and to find out more details.

At the time of the recording you will be required to connect the Zoom room, (details given on approval of interview) and wait until called into the interview. Your first name and location (city) will be used. You will chat to the host about your point of view for around 5-10 minutes .

The podcast episode is not live and will be edited before being scheduled for release. So – let’s hear your voice and what you would like to say. This is a special edition episode which allows you to participate and share your opinion whether it’s as a medium, or as a non-believer (ideally with an open-mind).

Next step? Fill in the forms in the link above and wait to hear back from the host. Good luck, people want to hear what you have to say!

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