New Guest Interview Arranged

Well it was another very busy day today with more work being done on the administrative side of the Spirited Talk podcast. The most exciting event today, however, was a pre-interview with one of our early guests. What a really nice fella he is! (that’s the only clue you’re getting!).

The gentleman agreed to a two part interview which is being recorded in the next few days. His story is very exciting, which after our first guest, I thought was going to be hard to top!

Another interesting thing worth mentioning is how this horrid Coronavirus is effecting us all. One of our first absent guests, who was due to record his interview in the next few days is grounded at his holiday location in India. He was due to fly back, but one of his party has been tested for the virus which has resulted in the entire group being quarantined. He may not be able to fly home very quickly. I wish him all the luck, and good health over the coming traumatic days.

The interview schedule has been adjusted and one of my other exciting guests has been moved forward to allow for this.

As I write this late night update, I have to say that the excitement behind this podcast is greater than ever. One main gain I wanted from this podcast, on a personal level, was to listen and learn from other like-minded people. The Divine spirit are making that happen and I cannot believe how wonderful everyone has been so far.

Anyway time to get on. Lots still to do before I retire this evening. Stay healthy all. 

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