On Course For Launch Date

It had been my previous plan that at this stage of proceedings, each day I would promote the Spirited Talk podcast on social media such as Facebook. However, due to the current crisis the world is in, it feels a bit trivial. So I’ll update on the website through this news section, even though very few people knows it exists.

Here at the studio, the technical stuff all appears to be in order and ready for the next few interviews over the coming days. That said, I’m suspecting that one or two of them might have to be moved due to the personal situations with the guests. We’ll do our best to get them recorded. There are five weeks worth of episodes already ‘in the can’ so launch date will go ahead.

The work I’m carrying out in the next couple of days is the actual connecting of the podcasts to the distributors and podcast outlets, such as iTunes. I’ve done my homework and the process is a bit long and tedious at first, but nothing we can’t get over. For me as the creator, the moment that I know the first few episodes of Spirited Talk are tied in and ready for launch day will be a very satisfying moment. The hard work will be behind me.

What am I expecting on launch day? Not much at first to be honest. I recognise that it is going to take a few months to develop the listening audience, perhaps as much as a year. But that is perfectly normal and expected. I certainly am looking beyond the handful of local friends that might listen. This is a global project reaching across all nations with a spiritual and psychic awareness. 

As for the guests – they’re coming in. Some real fine people have agreed to an interview at this stage and I’m delighted they’ve put their trust in me and Spirited Talk. A couple of guests have not showed an interest and not responded to my invitation, but that is human nature and not a problem for me.

So with 30 days to go, I wish you all keep safe and well and I’ll keep you up to date with the progress towards launch date.

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