The Power of the Podcast

When the idea of a podcast series was conceived I had a clear vision of what I wanted to create. But often the vision or dream we have in our minds is more difficult to achieve in reality. Certainly on a technical level, this podcast has taken many hours of learning and much more financial investment than I expected, but we’ve achieved that – just about! But the ‘elephant in the room’ was how on earth was I ever going to find the right people to interview to make this interesting? Well, the answer was never on earth. 

I’ve believed all the way through this sharp learning curve that I was being helped by our friends in the spirit world. Things just kept falling into place. As for the guests – they’ve helped with that, I’m certain. I’ve just completed another interview tonight with someone that, until a few days ago, was a relative stranger. My previous guest had been amazing and I thought had set a high benchmark for anyone following it. I believe that high benchmark was reached again tonight. My guest was giving, interesting, and such a genuinely nice person. The story they gave (avoiding giving the sex away there!) was remarkable and so interesting.

It’s like the spirit world have said, 

You sort the technical stuff out and leave the guests to us. We”ll bring you some interesting people to talk to. Don’t you worry about that detail.

The dreaded Coronavirus has resulted in one of my next guests to be interviewed stranded in a country thousands of miles away and quarantined in a hotel unable to get home until further notice. We’ll do that interview in the future. I’ve got another guest ready for interview next week and I’ve started searching for a replacement guest as well.

I strongly believe that this podcast is being encouraged by those in the spirit world working with me. Why? Because of it’s value. My guest tonight, in an off-mic conversation, pointed to their notebook that they’d brought with them and said,

 “Do you know something Trev? The notes in that notebook have cost me thousands of pounds to get.”

Isn’t that the truth! I know exactly what they meant. And that makes the podcasts extremely valuable to the listener. When they hear the words, the stories and the advice from the guests, it is coming from people that have made huge investments to get to the position of being able to share the content. And you can tap into that knowledge for nowt! Now that is the power of the Spirited Talk podcast.

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