Prepare For Your Interview

Due to the national lock-down the Sanctuary is closed to studio guests. However, I have a number of remote interviews due to take place between here and launch date. 

I’ve checked the technical setup many times over the past few days to get everything to the optimum quality. That said, a recording is only going to be as good as the connection with the guest and the device they’re using.  I’ve done some testing with the interviewees and sadly, one or two are just too bad for a recording to take place. There are now slots available in the interview schedule.

The challenge is not that the guests haven’t an important message because they have and I chose them for that reason. The problem is their technical setup. A poor quality recording will result in the listener simply not wanting to ‘strain’ to hear.  

Here is what I recommend. A desktop computer or a laptop is the best option. Alternatively, a recent Apple iPad or equivalent. A low priced tablet will only produce low results I’m afraid. Also suitable is a smartphone, however, this runs the risk of interruptions such as calls and notifications.

Using earphones with a built in mic, as supplied with the device will dramatically improve the quality of the recording.

I am working on a package that might be sent to the interviewee ahead of the recording date. This package will include a mic, earphones and necessary cables. This package is expected to be returned immediately after the recording is complete. But I can only send out the package if, a) the coronavirus does not effect postal deliveries and b) if the interviewee has told be in advance what device they intend to use.  There are further details and online forms available in the password protected guest area.

So if you’ve got an interview booked, please take a few minutes to update the information I have for you by sending back the necessary information. I want your voice heard – loud and clear. Your words will help so many others, so long as they can hear them! And if you want to be interviewed – contact me on . I’d love to hear from you.

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