Ready For Launch Date

I cannot believe how much work there has been into getting this podcast series up and running! For the past few days I’ve been procrastinating over the most important element of this project – registering it with the distributors. I always knew that this would be the final task required to be complete and have been worried about getting it right.

Yesterday, I bit the bullet and decided to use the day to learn and understand this final process. I had an idea of what was involved and had been putting it off for fear of getting it all wrong. Dealing with such giants as iTunes and Google Play is quite daunting and their demands have to be met.

I researched which was the best rss distribution company to use and signed up overnight. This is one of the big ongoing costs of the podcast and hence the reason I wanted to leave it as long as possible. I had to complete more work with the sound quality of the recordings and the embedded information within each file (episode).

Anyway, the great news came back this morning was that iTunes have accepted the podcast, subject to their final review clearing it and episode 1 will actually be available in a short while. It might take a few hours or a couple of days, but once they give the green light, that first episode will be available from their podcast library.

Have you ever brushed surface water forward on a patio? That’s what it’s been like for a few weeks, trying to keep everything together. But now, I can see my way forward more clearly and can focus back on the interviews and the editing.

The most exciting aspect of this project for me, and one that has never been far from my focus, is that this podcast is not a local project that’s dependant on a local community to listen to it. It is a global project. The podcast can, and will, be listened to by people across the world. What a wonderful way for my guests to share their knowledge, their story and their beliefs with a truly international audience. Just 22 days and the guests will be able to promote their interviews with pride and excitement. 

But I still can’t rest. There is much to do in preparation and continuation. But it is very exciting. 

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