Spirited Talk Goes Public

Tonight, I finally made it public that Spirited Talk is coming! I have more guests lined up and am now in a position where I know the podcast can be launched on the predetermined date of 20th April 2020.

The guests that have been booked have all shown incredible excitement and enthusiasm at the opportunity of being involved. I recognise that as showing their belief that this is a good source of education for all the students of psychic and spiritual work. 

The guests are interviewed over two episodes. The first episode explores their personal story and details of their spiritual work. These stories have such power in helping others that are exploring this path for themselves. 

The second episode with the guest is a question and answer session, all related to spiritual and mediumship work. 

The episodes are around 45 minutes each in length and could easily have been much longer, thanks to the enthusiasm of the guests who’ve recorded their interviews so far.

In the studio, the work is continuing daily towards the launch date. Most of the technical issues have been dealt with and I’m proud to announce that those interviews I’ve recorded to date have been of a high quality and with very interesting content.

Over the coming days up to the launch date, I’ll give you more information about how you can receive your weekly copies from iTunes and other podcast outlets.

For now, please keep yourselves safe and well.

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