The Spirited Talk podcast is, of course, offered free to all. It was not established to become a business making money. However, let’s be realistic and understand that to produce every episode costs money which is primarily coming out of the podcast host’s own funds.

Setting the podcast up incurred quite a sizeable amount to buy all the equipment, some of which is listed below.

  • 1 x Zoom H5 four channel recorder
  • 1 x Tascam DR60 MKII recorder
  • 3 x Studio microphones with stands for guests
  • 1 x Main microphone
  • 1 x Behringer Xenyx 1202FX Mixer
  • 1 x Behringer HA400 Microamp 4 Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier
  • 1 x 10″ iPad (2019 model)
  • Units and worktops for the studio
  • 3 x studio stools
  • Print material for studio
  • A small quantity of logo printed merchandise
  • Numerous cables & fitments

There is a lot more equipment, too much to mention in its entirety, but that above list serves to give you an idea of the investment made just to get the podcast up and running.

But there are ongoing costs, apart from the heating and lighting of the studio. A service is used to ‘professionally’ prepare each episode. There are hosting fees, distribution fees, and fees for our Patreon account. There are further fees needed to promote and distribute the content. All in all, to make sure that this podcast is professional in presentation and interesting for the forthcoming future, the need for  investments is ongoing.

We would also like to get as many as possible of our guests to travel to our studio for a better recording. We’d like to offer them something towards their travelling expenses. We need help from you. Our vision is that the podcast will eventually gain business level sponsors, though of course the nature of the content has a limited appeal.

So, it’s not about making a profit, it never was. It’s about creating exciting, interesting and valuable content for now and the future. Your investment simply helps lighten the costs involved.

Ways You Can Support The Podcast

Every penny raised by supporters of the podcast will be used to reinvest into ongoing costs talked about above, better equipment, guests expenses and much more. Every little helps.

Your subscription alone helps. It costs you nothing, but it helps with the standing of the podcast on such platforms as iTunes and in doing so, attracts more people.

A single investment on our Patron page will be gratefully appreciated and used wisely.

Why not consider a regular investment, no matter how small, all adds up. There are perks for patrons plus, depending on your level of support, opportunities to take part in the recordings. An idea for you to consider is to set up a small investment per episode – even if it’s only $1 or £1, it helps. If 100 subscribers offer £1 per episode, we have enough to cover most expenses. Think about £1 per episode, is that too much to consider?

There are incentives available on the Patron page to encourage partners to get involved, based on their commitment to the Spirited Talk podcasts. So it is recommended you check those out too.

There is some merchandise which will be available in the near future. Tee-shirts, mugs, baseball hats, mouse mats, pens and much more all carrying the beautiful Spirited Talk podcast branding.

Thank You

Your support is truly appreciated. Your contribution will be gratefully received and used only to advance and improve this podcast series. So if you like what you’ve heard, please consider supporting the podcast. If you can’t – that’s perfectly okay, the podcast will remain free anyway. Thank you for your consideration.