The Challenge of Being Unknown

I like to live a somewhat private life. I’m not one of those types that lives their lives on social media sites. I like my home and I’m completely happy with my life. That said, I’m a sensitive, or a medium or whatever you feel happy calling my type. 

Most other mediums are out in the world offering their services here there and everywhere they can. They call it ‘serving’ the Divine. Interesting justification that. Where is it written that to be a Spiritualist, you must be serving the Divine. The Divine is perfectly fine and if he or she did want anything, it would be for you to serve yourself first,  after all, spirit is within, not without.

But that is not how you should judge a medium, whether you’ve heard of them or whether you’ve not. Just because you’ve not heard of someone, doesn’t mean they don’t have a mission of their own. Take this podcast for example. I’ve contacted quite a lot of mediums and public figures so far in search of some interesting guests. But I’m noticing a pattern.

“Who are you?”

“What you doing a podcast for?”

“Shouldn’t you be stood on a platform in a church somewhere? “

“I’ve never heard of you!”

Those are genuine responses I’ve received back from a few. So of course, I’ve received quite a few declines to my invitations. Some are well known people, some not so much. It doesn’t concern be that they decline the invitation, I accept that. I’ve had plenty of excellent mediums interested in supporting this project and each with the right outlooks on spirituality. But there is one bit of me that cannot help wonder why some judge so quickly and declined my invitation. I might ask them all again some time in the future, when the podcast is established and a few hundred people are subscribed.

But then again, I might wonder why they actually want to be a guest then and didn’t when I first ask. All my guests I’ve arranged so far, for an interview on an unknown podcast and have said yes, are giving people. Giving of their time, giving of their support and giving of their knowledge. But I wonder if those that ask to be interviewed in the future when the podcast is better known are giving, or taking? Think about it?

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