The Need To Learn

The production of this podcast series has needed a serious amount of learning by me. I’ve no experience in interviewing, audio recording, editing, presentation or any of the technical aspects that’s involved in doing this. But that was never a real issue. My dream was big and probably a little naive. My focus was always on doing whatever was necessary to achieve the goal.

My enthusiasm has been much like it was some two decades ago when I set out to explore the subject of psychic and spiritual potential. I recall back then thinking that if it really was possible for anyone to become a medium, then I was going to do whatever I could to learn the craft myself.

Like so many projects we all get involved in, if I had been able to foresee the amount of effort and learning that I had to do, I would possibly never started in the first place! This podcast series is very much akin to that too. I’ve had to learn so much in a very short period of time – a couple of months.

But we’re all so lucky these days with access to so much information, help and support on the internet. I pretty much live on YouTube, sourcing tutorials and help from others that have achieved what I want to achieve myself with this podcast. There is not even a small chance that this podcast would have got off the ground without the information and knowledge shared by so many others online.

I guess the saying, “what goes around, comes around” is going to be true with the Spirited Talk podcast. Through the conversations with the guests, sharing their stories and knowledge, potentially thousands of others are going to learn something to help them aspire to their personal dreams. 

I am so grateful to all the YouTubers that have helped me over the past few weeks. In the process of getting to this stage of the podcast I’ve learnt so many new and exciting skills. These new abilities will serve me well in my life going forward. Each new skill will be like a new tool in my bag of personal things that I can pull on to enrich my life.

The need to continue learning is so important. I feel it keeps us healthy and mentally active. It broadens our horizons and brings with it new and exciting interests. A colleague I know through my day job said to me once recently, “I wouldn’t want to retire from work. I don’t know what I’d do with myself.”

What a narrow vision that is! I have so much more I can and will achieve. If there were double the hours in a day, I still think my sleep would only be a couple of hours. How about you? Start a new interest today. Something you always had an interest in but believe you can’t do. Go try it anyway. How do you know until you’ve had a try? Embrace the challenge. I’ll leave you with this thought. There is a well known scientifically studied suggestion that if anyone chooses to learn a new skill or language and chooses to invest time and effort into learning it. Five years later they will become experts. Now here is the question. What would you like to be an expert with in 5 years? Start now, your call.

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