How the idea of a podcast came about

The inspiration for this podcast was mainly thanks to Sandra Champlain, an American best selling author and medium who runs her own very popular podcast called “We Don’t Die”. My partner knows how much I love listening to her shows and while talking to her about it, she replied “Why don’t you do a podcast of your own? You have a good voice and you have a great knowledge of the subject matter.”

Me being a sensitive, picked up on the compliment, like a shining beam of light entering my head! I hear personal remarks quite intensively whether positive or negative, though negative ones usually hurt more. But that one remark she made stuck in my mind and over the coming hours and days that followed in December 2019 I mentally toyed with the idea.

After much consideration I decided that I was going to have a go at creating a podcast, based in the UK and covering all aspects of psychic and spiritual development and unfoldment. I mean, how hard could it be? I’ve spent over twenty years learning and developing my own personal abilities and yet have never stopped learning. This podcast idea seemed to be a way I could continue that pattern and contribute back to like-minded people with an added benefit of not being limited to my own small community where I live.

Once the decision was made to have a go, the initial work began. During the late days of December 2019 I started researching and buying equipment. I adjusted the space in my Sanctuary and built a podcast area. Some of the range of electronic gear I believed I might need began to arrive and I started installing everything for testing. Oh boy – another sharp learning curve indeed. Like many projects I’ve undertaken in the past, I soon realised that to do this properly and sustainable for the longer term there was more to this podcasting than I initially realised – but I was committed now and keen to learn. Hours of podcast tutorials from YouTube and slowly my plans started to take shape.

The Spirited Talk podcast will bring together many people interested in learning more about the Spirit world. 

Your voice will be reaching this audience. 


I realised quite early on that this was not something I would be able to launch successfully in a few days. It would take weeks of planning and would even require a number of the early podcasts to be recorded and ready before the official launch date. I decided I would give myself enough time and set a launch date of 20th April 2020. I figured a random date in the future would be enough to sustain momentum.

During our two week holiday in January I wrote much of the information required for the website that I would need, including these notes you’re reading now. I wrote the script for the first episode and some of the incidental material for inserts, promotion and the like. With a steady pace the podcast was in motion and taking shape and form.

There are many challenges ahead of me which are quite frightening as I think of them at this time. How am I going to get knowledged people to give up their time to be interviewed? How good will my recordings be? How do I edit them? How interesting and enjoyable will the content be? Can I repeat it consistently? Have I got what it takes to learn all this at my age?

I’m sure that with the help of my spirit team and the will of the Divine source this podcast will go ahead and over the forthcoming months and years will mould it’s own shape and style of content. So bear in mind, while you listen to these episodes, I have no real experience in broadcasting. I’m learning ‘on the fly’. I will make mistakes and I will have to find out what works and what doesn’t. But I will build a successful community around the podcast series. That is something I am certain of.

One element that keeps me going is that many of the most successful podcasts are created in people’s living rooms. They don’t have the experience either. They don’t have expensive equipment and they’re not word perfect in every sentence. What they have is interesting content that their loyal listeners enjoy and a determination to create something for that community. With that in mind, I’ll do my very best to build and grow our own community for like-minded people to listen and contribute to.


Together, let us put the Spirited Talk podcast on the map of Psychic & Spiritual information resources.

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