Think Global!

With just 13 days to launch, I’m still very busy with all the stuff that needs to be done. Editing is the thing that is taking the most time at the moment with around 6-8 hours per episode as being the current standard. I took some time out at the weekend to check out the stats on the first episode that has already been launched. Initially I was surprised and disappointed and I confess it did knock me back somewhat. But then I reminded myself of the vision of the podcast.

Since the launch of the first episode some 3 weeks ago now, according to the stats from the source of the episode file, there have been just 2 downloads locally. What that means is that within the locality of my home in Shevington, only 2 people have listened to the episode. Now I do confess that I’m not posting every five minutes on Facebook as most of my friends do, however I was shocked that only 2 people have made the effort to listen to the episode. Now I know that everyone is at home at the moment due to the virus thing, so there should be no excuses. So, you can imagine, I was upset to find that there appears to be no local support for the podcast series. Even more surprising that only a couple of the guests who’ve been prerecorded have taken the time to listen to episode 1. But in fairness, I expected this to be the case.

Before I was overcome with depression, I reminded myself for the reasons and visions for the podcast. The vision was always to make the podcast successful away from the local area and the clicky communities. The stats show a difference case when I look at the downloads away from this home area and that is a promising start. 

My vision with the Spirited Talk podcast is to acquire around 1000 subscribers in around 12 months from launch date. It will be an interesting set of stats for the podcast after 12 months and hopefully will show more of a global demographic. 


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